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Here are Meta’s new artificial intelligence chat bots

Meta offers a solution to solitude with AI-driven companions. Now, you can engage in conversations with renowned AI chatbots.

Artificial intelligence keeps permeating various facets of our daily lives. From Meta, a modern-day giant, emerges another innovation: AI chatbots. They’re user-friendly and don’t necessitate any special AI-focused downloads. In fact, this feature is accessible directly through Instagram.

Meta plans to roll out this functionality across its suite of platforms, making AI chatbots available on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Dive in for more insights.

Meta brings the artificial intelligence chatbot feature to its platforms!


At the recent Meta Connect 2023 event, the standout revelation was the introduction of AI chatbots. Meta unveiled a total of 28 bots, all developed using the company’s open-source Llama 2 large language model (LLM). Interestingly, these bots can access the internet via Bing to deliver current responses to user inquiries.

Each of these 28 chatbots boasts a distinct personality. Meta has designed them to cater to diverse conversational needs. For instance, if you’re seeking travel advice for an upcoming journey, there’s a bot specializing in travel. And if you’re pondering over a new dinner recipe, a culinary expert bot is at your service.

Intriguingly, 15 of these chatbots are modeled after celebrities. Meta acquired licenses to craft AI personas mirroring actors, chefs, athletes, and other notable figures, enriching the user experience. As of now, interactions with these bots are text-based. It’s essential to note that while you can engage in a messaging conversation with, say, Tom Brady’s AI version, a real-life face-to-face encounter remains off the table. The core concept revolves around texting the celebrity’s AI counterpart.


Meta’s full list of AI bots you can chat with:

  • Lorena (Padma Lakshmi): Travel expert
  • Bru (Tom Brady): Confident sports debater
  • Dungeon Master (Snoop Dogg): Adventurous storyteller
  • Tamika (Naomi Osaka): Anime fanatic
  • Billie (Kendall Jenner): Ride-or-die older sister
  • Amber (Paris Hilton): Crime-solving detective
  • Max (Roy Choi): Experienced sous chef
  • Coco (Charli D’Amelio): Dance enthusiast
  • Luiz (Isreal Adesanya): MMA expert
  • Perry (Chris Paul): Approachable golf pro
  • Dylan (LaurDIY): Interesting DIYer
  • Victor (Dwayne Wade): Motivational triathlete
  • Zach (Mr. Monster): Brother joker
  • Sally (Sam Kerr): Free-spirited friend
  • Angie (Raven Ross): Fitness enthusiast

You can also chat with non-famous AI chatbots:

  • Meta Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence Assistant
  • Thalia: Fantasy adventure guide
  • Brian: Warm-hearted grandpa
  • Izzy: Aspiring singer-songwriter
  • Scarlett: Exciting female bestie
  • Becca: Selfless dog mom
  • Alien Alvin: Interesting alien
  • Robot Bob: Sarcastic robot
  • Lily: Creative writing partner
  • Carter: Practical dating coach
  • Jane Austen (lol): Thoughtful writer
  • Leo: Career coach
  • Jade: Hip-hop obsessed
  • Liv: Open-hearted mother

Meta’s chatbots are set to be integrated across all its applications shortly. To initiate a conversation with them, begin by opening Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Opt to start a new chat. However, rather than selecting a contact, pick the AI Chat option. When you proceed by tapping “Continue” on the subsequent pop-up, the “Chat with AI” interface appears. Here, you have the freedom to engage with any of the available AI personalities, Meta’s AI assistant included.


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