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Here are 10 Metaverse Coins with the Potential to Explode in 2023

The crypto market continues to bloodbath. However, crypto expert Scott Jeffries thinks that metaverse coin projects offer an opportunity for 2023. The expert says that the prices are favorable as the market is on the decline. Accordingly, it introduces 10 of the metaverse coins that it considers promising for 2023 . We have prepared it for our readers with the narration of the expert.

Metaverse coin projects selected by the expert for 2023

1-ApeCoin (APE)

Here are 10 Metaverse Coins with the Potential to Explode in 2022
Here are 10 Metaverse Coins with the Potential to Explode in 2022

APE is known as the ERC-20 token. So it is on Ethereum Blockcain . A governance and services token. It allows its Holders to participate in the management of the Ape ecosystem. It also gives them access to games and other products and services available only to ApeCoin holders.

ApeCoin was introduced to the market on March 17, 2022. At this time, around 30% of the maximum supply of 1 billion cryptocurrencies was expected to be in circulation. Despite its position as a brand new token, it currently has a market cap of $842 million. This makes it the largest metaverse coin by this metric.

2-The Sandbox


The Sandbox performed impressively. The platform’s native token SAND has been on the rise throughout 2021. Finally, it continued its upward trend by exceeding 1 dollar in the last quarter. As of June 15, SAND is trading at $0.8297.

With a VR aspect, this project realizes the metaverse vision. Sandbox is actually a game. It has the support of game brands such as Atari. HSBC recently purchased virtual real estate from the metaverse. But it relies heavily on the creation and trading of NFTs. It is possible for players to create NFTs using SAND tokens. Like countless other crypto projects, this project is based on Ethereum. Another promising factor is that it has a limited cryptocurrency supply of 3 billion coins, of which 1.23 billion are in use.

3-Decentraland (MANA)


In terms of popularity, Decentraland is a metaverse coin project that is frequently in the news. This is partly due to the NFT craze, which has led to significant gains for the platform’s native tokens, MANA. Many NFT holders have started using the platform to display their NFTs. But NFTs aren’t the only thing on this metaverse platform. As its main feature, it is possible to buy virtual land and play virtual games and print other digital assets.

As we reported as Metaverseplanet.net , luxury goods and art broker Sotheby’s bought a plot of land in Decentraland. He used it to create a replica of his London offices. This shows that even big companies are looking at metaverse projects. Decentraland, which entered the market in 2017, is one of the old projects that took time to be recognized. Like most cryptocurrencies, MANA has dropped significantly since the start of the year.

4-Highstreet (HIGH)

Highstreet is an interesting metaverse coin with virtual reality support, at least in terms of metaverse applications. First, you can shop for things in this virtual universe using HIGH currency. Some Shopify stores are already integrated into the platform. It also has the ability to play games. It also has NFTs on its radar. That’s why he seems up-to-date on technology and crypto trends. Moreover, HIGH is now available on Coinbase.

When you look at it from the real world, this project is already fulfilling the promises of metaverse technology. Technology company HTC is supporting the project. It raised $5 million in August 2021. As of June 2022, its market cap is over $1.5 billion.

5-Floki Inu (FLOKI)


Floki Inu is yet another dog-themed cryptocurrency. But it works for current metaverse cryptos, especially for those looking for low value cryptocurrencies . The altcoin is named after Elon Musk’s dog, which is also the name of another crypto project, Shiba Inu.

The project’s website says it aims to combine meme coins with real-world use cases. It also says it will launch a game and NFT marketplace, as well as a content and education platform. This is a project still under construction. However, this has not stopped people from purchasing FLOKI tokens.

6-Metahero (HERO)


Metahero is a new metaverse project revolving around creating HD avatars of real-world objects and people using 3D scanning. The company has even set up a scanning room in Doha that scans objects and creates their digital, 3D forms for the Metahero universe.

Metahero has partnered with Wolf Studio for this purpose. Its native token is HERO. This project is relatively smaller than the other tokens on the list. However, this is because the project is so new. Metahero’s YTD performance is not out of line when compared to other altcoins. Its listing on the Bybit exchange is likely to give it a boost.

7-Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)

Terra Virtua Kolect is a project that dates back to 2017, when NFTs did not exist. However, now it’s a virtual environment all about NFTs. You can create, sell and buy NFTs from other members using the native token TVK. Since this project depends on NFTs, it has potential given the increase in NFT investment.

TVK market cap is currently over $23 million. However, it has recently formed a partnership with NFT game Kawaii Islands. Partnerships like this are likely to increase its user base enough to make it viable in the long run.

8-Star Atlas (ATLAS)


Star Atlas is a metaverse coin based on a game with stunning graphics . The game shows the future where players can conquer lands and gather resources in a highly futuristic environment.

The game is still under development. Play-to-earn (P2P) also includes a metaverse token ATLAS. You earn money as you play and achieve something. Also, think of it as an average game based on rewards. But in this case, the rewards have the potential to yield profits. The game is based on Solana, which provides the advantage of low transaction fees compared to Ethereum-based projects.

9-Enjin (ENJ)


You will see lots of metaverse coins in games. Enjin is no exception. This is a metaverse style game environment where you can ‘print’ the native token ENJ which you can then use to purchase assets that will help you progress through the game.

Everything in the game, from medicine to improving your character’s traits, is paid with ENJ. So it’s also like a marketplace. Enjin is also based on the Ethereum Blockchain. It has a market capitalization of over $379 million. Meanwhile, Enjin has recently launched the first NFT parachain, which makes over 100 games and apps available on Polkadot. It looks ready to grow.

10-Epic Prime (EPIK)


Epic Prime is a metaverse coin project that has become all about NFTs . Cryptocurrency EPIK. According to CoinMarketCap, Epic licenses NFT collections and experiences to companies like Warner Music and Universal.

EPIK hit the market just a year ago. It has a market capitalization of $4,167 million. This is by far the smallest on this list. But it is worth using cases from large companies. More than 349 million or 17% of the maximum 2 billion cryptocurrencies supply is in circulation.

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