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Gucci Chose Miley Cyrus Avatar for Web3 Fragrance!

Gucci Town on the widely popular gaming platform Roblox has introduced a unique olfactory experience. Gucci Flora, the brand’s inaugural fragrance in the Metaverse, is embodied by the avatar of Miley Cyrus, the renowned ambassador for the brand.Within this virtual realm, visitors have the opportunity to take selfies alongside Cyrus’ avatar.

Miley Cyrus Will Represent Gucci Metaverse Fragrance!

Gucci Chose Miley Cyrus Avatar for Web3 Fragrance!

Serving as the face of Gucci Beauty’s latest Flora Gorgeous Jasmine campaign, Miley Cyrus has made history by becoming the first celebrity to step into Gucci’s virtual realm.

The virtual debut of the fragrance occurred in May and marked Gucci’s fifth collaboration with Roblox, making it the first beauty product from the brand to be featured on the gaming platform.

Through a digital presentation of the fragrance, visitors can engage in various activities guided by Cyrus’ avatar. Fans are invited to partake in games and interactive learning experiences centered around the unique scent.

The event includes a scavenger hunt for the letters of the word “flora,” with prizes awaiting the winners. Participants can also capture moments at the Selfie Way for the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine campaign.

While specific details about the rewards remain undisclosed, past instances have seen participants gaining access to digital products upon achieving certain participation milestones, such as completing treasure hunts or playing a set number of games.

Gucci Chose Miley Cyrus Avatar for Web3 Fragrance!

This venture into the Metaverse presents a distinctive challenge, particularly as scents have not traditionally been incorporated into virtual experiences. To address this, the company is introducing a new digital item, namely a backpack, which will be available for purchase in the virtual Gucci store on Roblox.

Visitors can explore and acquire various virtual clothing, bags, and accessories, including the new backpack. Additionally, they can virtually visit a presentation of the physical Gucci Flora boutique. The price of the backpack is yet to be revealed, but the physical fragrance, set to launch on August 1, will be available for $149 as a 100ml bottle.

While fragrances in the Metaverse are a burgeoning concept, there are a few examples in existence. In June, the digital product company Rtfkt and luxury fragrance brand Byredo announced a collaboration for digital wearables in the Metaverse.

The collaboration, named auras, represents 26 emotions, and Rtfkt’s avatar collection serves as digital collectibles for CloneX wear. Gucci’s Flora fragrance stands out as the first beauty product in Gucci Town, where products like digital bags, clothing, skateboards, and play sets were initially launched.

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