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Google is developing artificial intelligence that will read your thoughts and turn them into music!

Google, the renowned tech giant based in the United States, is advancing its artificial intelligence capabilities with a groundbreaking new project: “Brain2Music”.

This innovative AI model is designed to analyze human brain waves and convert them into musical notes, creating music as a result. This development represents a significant leap in the AI industry.

In the past, both Google and Meta have developed AI models capable of generating music from text inputs. Google’s own AI tool, MusicLM, has already made a notable impact with its ability to transform text into music.

However, Brain2Music is set to redefine our understanding of AI’s capabilities in music generation. Currently in the research phase, this technology promises to elevate the AI experience to an entirely new level once it becomes operational.


Google engineers have meticulously gathered 15-second samples from a wide array of music genres, ranging from jazz to metal, and hip-hop to classical. In addition to this diverse musical collection, experts have utilized functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to analyze human brain waves.

Through this process, they established a correlation between musical notes and brain waves. By further developing this relationship using machine learning techniques, Google has successfully created an AI model known as Brain2Music.

Integrating Brain2Music with Google’s existing MusicLM, the experts have achieved the remarkable feat of transforming brain waves into music. This integration signifies a significant advancement in the field, showcasing the potential of AI in creating a unique and personalized musical experience based on brain wave patterns.

Brain2Music is in its infancy right now. However, Google says that work on this artificial intelligence model will continue. If all goes well, Brain2Music could be used to achieve unprecedented work. If you want, here You can access some of the audio recordings created using the link found.

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