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Good News for K-Pop Fans:Modhaus Announces Its Partnership With Sandbox

There has been an announcement of a metaverse contractual relationship between K-pop firm “Modhaus” and global metaverse network Sandbox

Good News for K-Pop Fans

The news came as Sandbox made the collaboration public on Twitter . The partnership will begin with creating a suitable and adequate social platform for the benefit of all committed fans. They will interact with any planned event and be placed in the virtual environment.

K-pop girl trio tripleS will indirectly benefit from the Sandbox-Modhaus partnership. The efforts will aid their eventual promotion and corresponding recognition and expand their overall reach. In addition, this combination has the goal of creating triple NFTs that are legally and officially licensed . In addition, NFT collections will include avatars, various costume types and designs, and a wide variety of digital collections.

Partnership Benefits

Good News for K-Pop Fans:Modhaus Announces Its Partnership With Sandbox
Good News for K-Pop Fans:Modhaus Announces Its Partnership With Sandbox

To fully understand and appreciate the significance of this merger and what it will entail, it is important to dig deep into the two businesses involved. Also , web3 project Modhaus uses blockchain technology to promote Korean pop culture. By placing them at the center of the experience, the company forges a close bond between fans and creators. “Cosmo” is a blockchain-based entertainment platform that allows fans to interact independently. Also, Cosmo is used by Modhaus to engage fans in all production stages.

The concept and implementation of this project was driven by the desire to leverage blockchain technology to popularize and spread all parts of Korean pop culture. This is done successfully by allowing different types of fans to interact with the creators more effectively.

Alternatively, tripleS is a K-pop female group using blockchain technology. However, there are 24 members of the group actively participating in its activities. The ultimate promotion of the girl group would benefit a lot from operating in this way and under these circumstances.

Triple S’s Achievements

The first group of TripleS is “Acid Angel from Asia”. The group achieved significant success by releasing their latest album “Access” on October 28. It also gained 25 million YouTube views. The band’s debut album peaked at number one on the iTunes K-Pop Album Chart in the USA, Mexico and Turkey. In Canada, however, the band’s latest single peaked at number nine on the iTunes K-Pop Song Chart. It ranked 74th on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart.


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