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Giant Cooperation in the World of Artificial Intelligence: Siemens and Microsoft Will Work Together

Siemens and Microsoft, two technological powerhouses, have embarked on a collaborative venture to develop a joint artificial intelligence system. This system is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration between humans and machines in industrial settings.

Recognizing the indispensable role of artificial intelligence in modern industry, Siemens and Microsoft have joined forces.

In a combined statement, they revealed their ambitious project, which aims to significantly expedite the programming of robots and other automation systems using artificial intelligence. This initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing efficiency and synergy in industrial processes.

“Industrial Copilot” is coming

Giant Cooperation in the World of Artificial Intelligence: Siemens and Microsoft Will Work Together

In their announcement, Siemens and Microsoft revealed that their collaborative project is named “Siemens Industrial Co-pilot.” The statement highlighted the program’s objective to empower companies to jointly leverage generative AI across various sectors, including manufacturing, infrastructure, transportation, and healthcare.

The joint statement from these two industry giants further detailed that this new application will enable the identification and resolution of errors and significantly reduce simulation times. This advancement is set to transform current processes, reducing tasks that traditionally took weeks to mere minutes, marking a substantial leap in efficiency and productivity in these sectors.


Under the terms of their collaboration, Siemens will enhance its proprietary automation and process simulation technology, Siemens Xcelerator, by integrating Microsoft applications. Roland Busch, the CEO and Chairman of Siemens’ Board of Directors, expressed his optimism about the potential of this technology.

He stated that it could revolutionize various aspects of company operations, from design and development to production and beyond. Busch emphasized the significance of enhancing human-machine collaboration, noting that it would enable engineers to expedite code development, foster innovation, and address the challenge of skilled labor shortages.

While the new program is still in the development phase, it has already started to see practical applications. Schaeffer, a German automotive supplier, is among the early adopters of the Siemens Industrial Co-pilot. The company plans to soon implement the co-pilot in its production processes, showcasing the immediate applicability and potential benefits of this innovative technology.


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