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Games, Sites and Other Methods to Earn Free Cryptocurrency from Your Seat

Given the price volatility of cryptocurrencies, there are methods to earn free cryptocurrencies that could potentially yield rewards beyond expectations.

The allure of free items is universal, and this is especially true in the realm of cryptocurrencies. There are numerous ways to earn free cryptocurrencies, cash, or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Many of the opportunities available in this innovative and emerging technology sector require minimal knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This accessibility means that, with some basic research, virtually anyone can begin earning cryptocurrencies at no cost.

1.Open an account on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Many cryptocurrency exchanges offer opportunities to earn free cryptocurrency as a reward for opening a new account, completing verification processes, and engaging in various activities. Exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini, and Crypto.com are examples of platforms that frequently provide these types of promotional offers.

Since other exchanges also periodically offer similar promotions, it’s beneficial to stay informed about current campaigns. Keeping an eye on these offers can open up additional opportunities to earn free cryptocurrencies through participation in such activities on various platforms.

2.Stake cryptocurrencies that you will store for the long term.


Earning passive income through cryptocurrency staking is akin to mining cryptocurrencies. Staking is often most suitable for cryptocurrencies that you intend to hold long-term, rather than those you plan to trade frequently. This preference for long-term holding is due to the existence of staking periods.

During these staking periods, you commit to locking up your cryptocurrency for a specified duration. During this time, you are unable to sell or trade the staked crypto.

For those interested in exploring crypto staking, many cryptocurrency exchanges currently offer this service, providing a convenient way to earn passive income while holding your digital assets.

3.Keep an eye out for projects that are giving away free NFTs.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been garnering significant attention recently. While NFTs are technically digital assets and not cryptocurrencies, they can be converted into cryptocurrencies through sales. There are several methods to acquire NFTs for free.

One way is through new cryptocurrency projects, which often offer NFTs to their early supporters as part of promotional activities aimed at incentivizing participation. Additionally, opportunities to win free NFTs frequently arise on various platforms, including social media channels like Twitter, where free NFT distributions are commonly announced and conducted. By staying informed and engaged with these platforms, you can increase your chances of obtaining NFTs at no cost.

4.Participate in exchanges’ learn-to-earn programs.


Some platforms, primarily cryptocurrency exchanges, offer programs where you can learn about cryptocurrencies and earn rewards. One notable example is the Coinbase Earn program, which allows users to gain new insights about different cryptocurrencies and earn free crypto in the process.

The tasks involved in these learn-and-earn systems are usually straightforward. They often include activities such as watching educational videos, completing quizzes, and then claiming your reward.

However, to take advantage of these learn-to-earn programs, prompt action is necessary. Since these programs are available to everyone, they tend to reach capacity quickly. Additionally, some exchanges may restrict new learn-to-earn opportunities to only new account holders. It’s also common for these programs to offer a limited amount of free cryptocurrency, adding to the urgency of participating as soon as these opportunities arise.

5.Test popular and new “play and earn” apps.


Nowadays, there are numerous play-to-earn apps available for Android and iOS devices, offering users the opportunity to play games and earn free cryptocurrency simultaneously. Two of the most popular apps in this category are Axie Infinity and The Sandbox.

The play-to-earn model has seen considerable development recently. A notable example is the Web 3 app STEPN, which caters to joggers. By using this app, individuals can engage in their regular jogging activities while also earning cryptocurrency for free. This convergence of fitness and digital asset earning represents a novel and engaging way for users to integrate cryptocurrency earning into their daily routines.

6.Open a cryptocurrency savings account.


If you’re seeking a straightforward method to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies, opening a crypto savings account could be an ideal solution. With a crypto savings account, you can earn interest while ensuring that your cryptocurrencies remain secure. Various platforms, such as Crypto.com’s savings account, provide interest rates that vary depending on the cryptocurrency.

Key cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum typically offer a certain annual interest rate. This feature can enhance the appeal of purchasing and holding these cryptocurrencies, as it allows your assets not only to appreciate in value but also to generate passive income through accrued interest. This dual benefit makes crypto savings accounts an attractive option for those looking to maximize the potential of their digital currency investments.

7.Make loans with cryptocurrencies.


Earning interest by lending your cryptocurrencies to other users is a key aspect of decentralized finance (DeFi). Although the idea of lending your valuable cryptocurrencies to unknown parties might seem risky, the innovation underpinning this system is the use of smart contract technology.

Smart contracts ensure that the party borrowing your crypto actually repays the debt even before you part with your cryptocurrency. This mechanism provides a layer of security and trust to the transaction. However, when opting for this method to earn free crypto, it’s crucial to exercise caution. You should have a certain level of technical knowledge and only engage with reputable and reliable platforms to mitigate risks and ensure a secure lending experience.

8.Research new projects that organize airdrops.


New cryptocurrency projects often use a promotional strategy known as an airdrop to increase awareness and adoption of their networks and digital currencies. Airdrops involve distributing free cryptocurrencies to individuals who complete specific tasks, such as following the project’s social media pages, participating in their Discord channels, or supporting the project in other ways.

However, it’s important to exercise caution, as some airdrops may be fraudulent and offer no real value. Therefore, when considering participation in an airdrop, it’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate the legitimacy of the project and the airdrop itself to avoid potential scams and ensure that you are engaging with a genuine opportunity.

9.Use the Brave browser, which distributes cryptocurrency rewards on a monthly basis.


If you’re interested in earning cryptocurrency while browsing the internet, the Brave browser offers a unique opportunity. Brave functions like any standard web browser, but it distinguishes itself from others like Chrome and Mozilla through its native cryptocurrency reward system.

This system, known as Brave Rewards, allows you to create an account within the browser and opt into the Brave Rewards program. By participating, you essentially agree to view ads while browsing the web. In return, the browser rewards you with cryptocurrency on a monthly basis, which is deposited into your wallet.

The program is accessible in most countries, and notably, the company shares 70% of its advertising revenue with the users who opt into this program. This feature makes Brave an attractive option for those looking to earn some extra crypto simply by using the browser for their regular internet activities.


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