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FTLife Launches First Metaverse Initiative

FTLife Insurance Company Limited, a prominent insurance company, is gearing up for ventures beyond its traditional insurance services.

In this pursuit, the company has announced the commencement of a significant project in the Metaverse. This project is envisioned to be an iconic Metaverse initiative, aiming to foster the next generation of virtual innovation in the alternate universe.

FTLife Metaverse

FTLife Launches First Metaverse Initiative
FTLife Launches Its First Metaverse Initiative

FTLife has unveiled Metaverse METG, marking the launch of the first virtual tower in the Metaverse where visitors can engage in immersive 3D simulations. This initiative follows the successful debut of their virtual concept platform, The GalaMuse, last month. The virtual tower provides an interactive environment for FTLife creators and customers, infused with a sense of fun and creativity.

Dionne So, the Chief Agency Officer of FTLife, shared insights on the company’s direction. So stated, “The firm is deeply invested in the concept of the Metaverse and believes that the virtual world will significantly influence technology trends in the coming years.

FTLife is committed to marking its presence in the Metaverse to resonate with the younger generation.” Furthermore, FTLife is focusing on innovative strategies to bolster its sustainable Metaverse initiative. This includes hosting various events both offline and online.

The GalaMuse features a similar décor to the newly constructed FTLife Tower in Metaverse METG. Users will have the opportunity to navigate the virtual tower with their unique avatars, allowing them to interact with the FTLife management team.

The two-story FTLife Tower consists of four distinct zones. The rooftop tower, designated as the event hub, features multiple areas for conferences and showcasing products.

The company plans to establish centers for artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) to enhance the professional development of visitors, integrating advanced technologies into the experience.

Metaverse and Institutions

FTLife Launches First Metaverse Initiative

Some corporate institutions are doing research to learn more about the Metaverse. They are also making investments in this context. The concept of metaverse is broad and businesses create attractive products and services to attract individuals to their side.

Things like virtual game lobbies, game tokens and others are encouraged to allow users to redeem them for use. Currently, leading corporate players are buying virtual plots on the Metaverse, similar to how branches are opened in the real world.

Metaverse activities encompass digital assets, products and businesses. Financial institutions, having a Metaverse presence will help attract the younger generation of customers by creating new products. It is possible to create special growth especially for financial service providers.

With Metaverse, companies will be able to bridge the gap between their offline and online presence. It is intended to be a link between a company’s online and offline worlds.

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