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Foxconn, one of Apple’s suppliers, promises metaverse

 Apple’s suppliers Foxconn joins the giant companies participating in the Metaverse fury. The statements of the manager of the company are in our news.     

Apple supplier Foxconn is accelerating its plans to enter the metaverse arena this year. The statement on the subject came from Young Liu, Chairman of the Board of Foxconn. Liu pointed out that they are stepping up for the  metaverse in a statement to the local press .

Foxconn Steps Up For Metaverse This Year


Foxconn Chairman of the Board, Young Liu, recently made a statement in a local press about their metaverse plans. Liu said that the company considers 2022 as the ‘first year of the Metaverse .

The company is preparing to incorporate products such as cloud and data centers, wearable devices, semiconductors and micro LED displays into its metaverse transmission elements. Meanwhile, Foxconn is a technology company that manufactures components for Apple. Let us remind you that the company has a value of approximately 90 billion dollars. 

Foxconn is set to receive approximately $39.8 million in investment from Google for its computer hardware subsidiary, Ennoconn Corporation. The duo has a goal of collaborating on more metaverse projects in Taiwan. 

In November, company founder Terry Gou held a virtual event where he appeared as an avatar to showcase the company’s e-vehicle and metaverse plans.


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