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Fidelity Introduces Metaverse ETF

Fidelity International, one of the investment solutions providers, announced the addition of five new products to its exchange-traded funds (ETF) range. The firm introduced a Metaverse ETF to continue virtual ecosystem expansion as part of its ETF products.

Metaverse ETF

Fidelity Introduces Metaverse ETF
Fidelity Introduces Metaverse ETF

The increased recognition of the term Metaverse has brought with it new digital financial products for users. ETF is a financial service that allows investors to enter the virtual ecosystem. Also, Metaverse ETFs are known as funds invested in globally listed securities that provide products on the Metaverse. These products are products that support Metaverse’s infrastructures and tools. Metaverse ETF is a rapidly growing digital financial asset that provides access to the virtual environment.

Metaverse-themed ETFs are now attracting investors and issuers alike. There is increasing demand for the product, and experts predict that revenue from Metaverse operations will likely exceed $1 trillion over the next few doing. Also, Metaverse-themed ETFs fall into several categories. Some users focus on console gaming, while others are interested in decentralized finance (DeFi) and Blockchain. As the Metaverse market grows, brands continue to enter the digital space. Also, with leading brands joining the fray, the Metaverse ETF has begun to serve as a tool for organizations to provide long-term investment moves. Investors want to minimize risks by diversifying their investments. However, investors are benefiting from the expanding Metaverse market.

Fidelity Metaverse ETF

The investment manager explained that the five newly launched ETF themes include digital health and the Metaverse, cloud computing, clean energy, electric vehicles and transportation of the future. Also, all ETFs are designed with long-term structural trends in mind. More importantly, ETFs were announced for the company’s sustainability initiative. According to the firm’s statement, ETFs have a 50 percent index component considered for their required sustainable properties. It was stated that a fee of 0.50 percent will be charged on all newly launched products. Additionally, all ETFs are listed on the London Stock Exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange and Deutsche Börse XETRA. Meanwhile, Fidelity has stated that listing on Borsa Italiana is scheduled for this month.

The firm launched its first Metaverse ETF in April 2022. Also some of the most well-known owners are Tencent , Apple, Alphabet, Nintendo and Adobe. Each accounts for more than 4 percent of total ETFs in Fidelity. According to Nick King, head of ETFs at Fidelity International, investing is a long-term move that leverages emerging trends to invest across countries. It also aims to capture the driving forces of the global economy through exceptional investment decisions.

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