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Fashion Giant Zara Not MANA: Chose This Metaverse Coin!

Zara has launched a brand new collection called Lime Glam, designed to be worn in both the real world and the virtual world. Zara, one of the biggest clothing brands, chose another metaverse for this, not projects like Decentraland (MANA), which is often preferred . Here are the details…  

Zara chose a project by Gucci, not MANA

As wearables are fast becoming the latest fashion trend and penetrating the fashion- conscious public, mainstream brands like Zara are eager to participate. While supermarkets like Decentraland, Somnium Space, Zilliqa, and others now provide a home for brands that cater to avatars, there are more wearables designed in pairs, one for your real-life appearance and the other for your virtual self.

So how can our avatars merge with our physical personalities? The easiest way to express your personality on Metaverse is to choose wearables that reflect your style. If buyers choose the physical version, they will also have access to the digital version, which simplifies the purchasing process. A special section of Zara’s website showcases avatars wearing the new Lime Glam collection, inspiring anyone looking to buy any item. The Zepeto app also offers a photo booth, digital wall and flooring for this special collection. Zepeto is the virtual website where Gucci launched Gucci Villa in August 2021.

Fashion Giant Zara Not MANA Chose This Metaverse Coin!
Fashion Giant Zara Not MANA: Chose This Metaverse Coin!

The digital fashion space is expanding.

3D designs are simple in style and reflect current fashion demands. Fashion and beauty brands are busy experimenting with virtual versions of their products while embracing the industry’s metaverse potential. As consumers spend more and more time consciously immersing themselves in the digital world, brands are concerned with creating unique experiences that complement their physical products and can even fulfill the actual need to buy.

According to Morgan Stanley, as we have also reported on , the digital high fashion industry has the potential to reach a market size of $50 billion by 2030. As more fashion brands keep up with the metaverse, there will be more opportunities for avatars to choose from a variety of options. Users will showcase their fashion items and styles.

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