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Evolving Online Shopping with Metaverse

Online shopping in the Metaverse is evolving into an experience where users can visit virtual shopping mall aisles and even physically interact with products.

The growing popularity of the Metaverse, a digital space that has become more prevalent with the acceleration of digitalization, is expected to reshape online shopping experiences.

Uğur Güzel, expressing the rapid integration of the Metaverse into our lives, stated, “Digitalization is becoming an integral part of our lives more quickly, propelled by its accelerated pace and the impact of the pandemic.

In the near future, the Metaverse will transform into a realm where users engage in online shopping by navigating through virtual mall aisles and even physically experiencing the products.”

Highlighting the evolving landscape, Guzel noted that the desire for risk-taking is evident, particularly in the context of Bitcoin’s rise. He emphasized that the potential for significant future value and the fear of missing out contribute to this willingness to take risks.

Evolving Online Shopping with Metaverse

Drawing parallels to the evolution from the first smartphone to current technological advancements, Güzel predicted that more effective, user-friendly, and cost-efficient technological devices will further integrate into daily life.

Regarding the widespread adoption of the Metaverse, Güzel stated, “We are still at the beginning of its expansion, reaching many households and gradually changing our fundamental behaviors. While taking risks and investing in the Metaverse, it is advisable to adopt a position that will not lead to regrets over time.”

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