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Commission Official Evaluates EU’s Attitude to Metaverse

The European Commission is planning to establish policies concerning virtual worlds in May. A senior European Commissioner has expressed their opinions on how the commission should approach the formulation of policies related to the Metaverse.

European Commission to Set Metaverse Policy in May

Commission Official Evaluates EU's Attitude to Metaverse
Commission Official Evaluates EU’s Attitude to Metaverse

As the European Commission prepares to establish its policies concerning Metaverse universes in May, a commissioner has shared their perspectives on how to proceed.

A senior official from the European Commission stated that the European Union should take into account issues like non-discrimination, user security, and data privacy when formulating the organization of the Metaverse universe.

While the EU’s executive body is getting ready to outline its strategy regarding virtual worlds in a policy document scheduled for release in May, the bloc has been cautious in providing details due to concerns about past missteps in internet policy.

Yvo Volman said about the European Commission’s Metaverse policy:

 “We aim to ensure, right from the outset, that the progress observed in virtual worlds is entirely consistent with our European values of inclusivity, privacy respect, non-discrimination, and equality. We must endeavor to make individuals feel just as secure in virtual realms as they do in the physical world, perhaps even more so. It is imperative to equip people with the necessary skills and tools to safeguard their presence and data within these virtual environments.”

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