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EU Official Vestager Points to Metaverse and ChatGPT

EU Commission Vice-President Margrethe Vestager recommended focusing on the effects of technologies such as the metaverse and ChatGPT .

Vestager gave a speech on competition policy at the Keystone Conference. In this speech , Vestager stated that the impacts of technological developments must be foreseen and planned. In this talk by Vestager, the main focus was on the metaverse and ChatGPT .

Vestager argued that more attention should be paid to the development and effects of these technologies.

EU Commission Vice-President Focuses Metaverse and ChatGPT

EU Official Vestager Points to Metaverse and ChatGPT
EU Official Vestager Points to Metaverse and ChatGPT

European Commission Vice President Margrethe Vestager touched upon the changes in technological developments and said that technologies such as metaverse and ChatGPT should be examined.

New technologies, which are developing day by day, have started to take more place in human life. Starting with the emergence of cryptocurrencies, digital assets have also entered the radar of countries . The metaverse , which is one of the most important sectors of the crypto industry , continues to gain popularity with the entry of institutions . In addition, the new trend of recent times, artificial intelligence, is witnessing remarkable developments. While ChatGPT stood out as one of the first steps of artificial intelligence , it revealed that this technology can also be seen in the crypto industry .

Making statements in this context , Vestager touched upon the situations that digital transformation and the transition to the digital economy have created for the masses. Stating that the current legislation lags behind these technological developments , Vestager said;

“For example, it’s high time we started asking how healthy competition should be in the Metaverse, or how something like ChatGPT could change the equation.”

In addition , the Vice- President stated that from May 2023, the EU Commission will carry out antitrust investigations into the Facebook market and Meta’s processing of competitors’ advertising-related data.

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