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Epic Games thinks positively about the future of the metaverse

In 2022, many big steps were taken in the metaverse , which was brought to the fore by Facebook or its new name Meta , based on the umbrella company.

However, the solutions or hardware that have come out so far have not satisfied people much. Of course, this does not mean that the field will end. In addition to hardware, important plans are being made on the software side.

For example, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney , who recently made a statement, announced that the company will help establish positive, or in other words, “good” metaverse universes with the opportunities at hand. Sweeney on this “What we’re going to do at Epic Games over the next few years is to put the pieces we have together to make the metaverse something closer to what’s seen in science fiction movies.” said.

The company, whose biggest power is the Unreal Engine game engine with very advanced features, wants to use it to create metaverse universes where everyone can be involved and where a positive approach is at the center.

Epic Games thinks positively about the future of the metaverse
Epic Games thinks positively about the future of the metaverse

Epic Games, which is open to helping everyone in this regard , is actually not the first time on the agenda in the metaverse . The company announced in the past months that they have received a total of $2 billion in investment from Sony and KIRKBI for their metaverse projects . Sony , which has previously invested in Epic Games , does not seem to want to stay out of this future area.

Before that, Epic Games and LEGO companies had established a partnership specific to the metaverse. Tim Sweeney said in a statement for the partnership, “ We are excited to come together to create a fun space made for kids and families within the Metaverse. ” he said. Epic Games and LEGO do not give much details about this process for now.

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