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Epic Games Receives $2 Billion Metaverse Investment

Epic Games, the globally renowned game company, has secured a substantial $2 billion investment from Sony and KIRKBI for their metaverse endeavors.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, expressed that this investment will propel their efforts to create a metadatabase and establish spaces for players to enjoy with friends, brands to craft creative and immersive experiences, and creators to foster communities and thrive.

Epic Games Receives $2 Billion Metaverse Investment

As a leading player in the gaming industry, Epic Games, based in the USA, aims to utilize the funds in alignment with its vision for metaverse development and to support ongoing growth.

The investment stems from both Sony, a previous investor in Epic, and KIRKBI, the umbrella organization encompassing Sony and Lego.

In recent weeks, Epic Games and Lego had announced a metaverse partnership, though details were scarce. Additionally, Sony made a significant foray into the virtual world by acquiring Destiny developer Bungie earlier in the year.

Epic Games Receives $2 Billion Metaverse Investment

Tim Sweeney emphasized that the investment will accelerate Epic Games’ efforts in creating a metadatabase and developing spaces that cater to diverse user experiences.

Notably, this investment has expedited Epic Games’ initiatives to build a metaverse suitable for children.

Founded in the USA by Mark Rein and Tim Sweeney, Epic Games has gained widespread popularity, particularly for its game Fortnite.

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