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Does Metaverse Increase Psychological Problems?

There are many turning points in human history that affect our lives.

There are many turning points in human history that affect our lives. Metaverse technology, which we have been hearing about recently, seems to be one of the turning points in human history.Facebook Since the name of the umbrella company of ‘s has been changed to Meta,Microsoft’a MetaverseWe can see how the metaverse’s importance has increased, starting with the acquisition of the game company Activision-Blizzard for its plans for the universe and many similar big steps.

It is known that large companies such as Facebook and Microsoft can ignore situations that threaten people’s health by acting in their own interests. According to the news of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the results of a study that was tried to be kept secret show that Instagram increases the level of anxiety and depression in young people. As can be seen from this example, for large companies, the profit they make outweighs the damage they cause. And yet, it would be absurd to think that this situation would be different for the metaverse.



These sound so bad. What if the metaverse replaces the real world? What are the long-term effects of living in the virtual world? Psychological and physical healthHowaffected? It is known that there is a need for people to interact with each other, and there is a lot of evidence that the pandemic has doubled the frequency of symptoms of depression and anxiety in children and adolescents, while having negative effects on the psychology of Generation Z. It is thought that the isolation process and the decrease in physical interaction have an effect on the emergence of these situations. Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Peter Klein mentions that most people suffer from social phobia and that online interactions can overcome social phobia, and that people who are afraid of being in social environments can socialize more smoothly through the metaverse. From a different perspective, virtualization of reality can make people more comfortable psychologically, and people who are afraid of socializing in the real world can completely stop being outside in the real world because they can socialize more easily in the metaverse realm. From a physical point of view, staying immobile for a long time causes a decrease in the ability and ability of the human body to move, as well as an increase in organic collapse.

Big tech companies have been a big part of making people feel anxious and insecure for years, and they’re now trying to make the metaverse feel like an escape from these situations. Whether the world of the Metaverse will increase psychological problems is a mystery, but the thought of our future life in a world controlled by corporations is truly frightening.

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