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Disney’s Step into Artificial Intelligence

Disney is reportedly making inroads into the swiftly evolving domain of artificial intelligence. According to recent reports from Reuters, the entertainment behemoth has formed a specialized team tasked with investigating the extensive possibilities of AI applications across the company.

This move seems to be fueled by Disney’s ambition to stay ahead in the technological innovation race, with concerns that any delay could result in falling behind.

Job Postings Hint at Disney’s AI Ambitions

Disney's Step into Artificial Intelligence

Aligned with their focus on AI, Disney has advertised 11 job openings explicitly aimed at hiring professionals proficient in AI and machine learning technologies.

Notably, a specific job listing within Disney’s television and advertising division highlights the goal to develop a ‘next-generation’ advertising strategy that leverages AI.

Cost Reduction Through AI

Disney's Step into Artificial Intelligence

Another significant reason for Disney’s shift towards AI is the substantial costs associated with film and television production. Reports indicate that by utilizing artificial intelligence technologies, Disney aims to drastically reduce these production expenses.

Past Setbacks and The Road Ahead

Disney's Step into Artificial Intelligence

It’s important to mention that in March of last year, Disney underwent a considerable reduction in size, which led to the shutdown of its metaverse department and the layoff of around 50 employees.

AI’s Growing Influence in Entertainment

The entertainment industry is experiencing the widespread impact of AI’s influence. To remain competitive and innovative, numerous companies are quickly moving to include AI integrations. For example, the globally recognized streaming service, Netflix, has indicated its forthcoming AI integrations through its recent AI-related job listings.

In conclusion, as artificial intelligence continues to create ripples across various sectors, leading entities like Disney are keen to leverage its capabilities to transform the entertainment landscape and reduce costs.

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