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Experience the Best 10 VR Games of All Time

The rapid evolution of VR technology has ushered in an era where virtual reality gaming is transitioning from a novel concept to a mainstream gaming medium. This shift is further evidenced by the introduction of new VR headsets and the release of high-profile VR titles, such as the eagerly anticipated Horizon series spin-off developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite. VR gaming now offers a depth and variety that goes beyond mere amusement.

A comprehensive look at the top 10 VR games of all time, as curated by a renowned VR gaming YouTuber, showcases a diverse array of exhilarating titles. This selection caters to a wide range of preferences, from action-packed shooters and strategic card games to classic turn-based RPGs. It’s noteworthy that the selection doesn’t exclusively feature blockbuster AAA titles; it also shines a spotlight on indie games.

These smaller-scale projects, though not as widely recognized as major releases like Guerrilla’s Horizon Call of the Mountain for the new PSVR2, are acknowledged for their innovation and the passionate teams behind them. This eclectic mix ensures that there’s something appealing for every type of gamer, highlighting the rich variety that VR gaming has to offer.

Experience the Best 10 VR Games of All Time

  • Guardians Front
  • Uncanny
  • Compound
  • Towards the Radius
  • Clockwinder
  • Rumble
  • Main Gun Ship: Forge
  • Loci Shores
  • Cards and Tankards
  • Sailing

1.Guardians Front

Experience the Best 10 VR Games of All Time

“Guards Frontline,” developed by Virtual Age and published by Fast Travel Games, is an engaging blend of first-person shooter and real-time strategy genres. Players have the opportunity to step into the roles of both soldiers and generals tasked with eradicating insectoid aliens to gain control over a mysterious energy source. The game offers a rich array of features, including a diverse selection of weapons, base building, structural crafting, and the ability to pilot planes and other vehicles, among others.


Experience the Best 10 VR Games of All Time

Move Games’ “Arcaxer” presents a pleasantly surprising combination – a turn-based RPG with a VR twist. At first, it might appear that blending VR with a turn-based RPG is an unlikely match, yet “Arcaxer” proves to be a fascinating game

Its captivating, rogue-like gameplay, coupled with an engaging storyline, delivers a truly delightful experience. This game is especially appealing to fans of old-school RPGs, offering a fresh yet nostalgic adventure.


Experience the Best 10 VR Games of All Time

“Combine,” developed by Bevan McKechnie and launched in July 2022, is a game that captures the essence of the ’90s, reminiscent of Doom but reimagined for VR. This vibrant first-person shooter offers all the elements needed for an excellent entertainment experience: beautiful, nostalgic visuals, satisfying gameplay, and enjoyable sound effects.

4.Towards the Radius

Into radius

“Towards the Radius,” developed by CM Games and released in July 2020, immerses players in the role of an explorer within the enigmatic Pechorsk region, a place teeming with secrets and menacing foes. This game masterfully blends elements of survival horror and action, complemented by atmospheric visuals, a compelling narrative, and intriguing exploration opportunities, marking it as a true standout in the VR gaming landscape.


Last Hour Winder

“The Last Hour is Fiction,” developed by Pontoco, is a distinctively beautiful puzzle game and a standout experience, launched in 2022. Players step into the role of a detail-oriented watchmaker tasked with reviving an ancient tree by fixing the complex clock mechanism embedded in its structure. As described in the game’s overview, players discover a pair of gloves that transform their actions into cyclical clockwork automations. This game not only delivers a mesmerizing story and visuals but also introduces a unique gameplay experience.



“Noise,” an indie VR game crafted by Buckethead Entertainment, a modest studio from the Netherlands, made its debut in September 2022. For those who have ever dreamed of wielding the power of an earthbender, this game provides the perfect opportunity. Utilizing motion controls, players can manipulate rocks and soil to master martial arts.

Recognized for its challenging gameplay, “Noise” demands physical conditioning and sharp hand-eye coordination, potentially serving as a workout for the average player. Despite its challenges, ThrillSeeker notes that “Noise” delivers a deeply satisfying experience, rewarding players with a significant sense of achievement.

7.Main Gun Ship: Forge

Main Weapon: Forge

“Main Weapon: Forge,” a sequel to the 2018 action game “Mothergunship,” is a relatively recent release from the indie studio Terrible Posture Games. In this exhilarating wave shooter, players assume the role of a pilot navigating a futuristic mecha suit.

ThrillSeeker points out that while engaging in combat with swarms of enemies offers its own thrill, the most captivating aspect of the game lies in the creation of new weapon types. As players progress and conquer levels, they acquire new weapon parts, enabling the assembly of bizarre and innovative armaments. With its fun gameplay and intuitive controls, “Main Weapon: Forge” offers hours of entertainment.

8.Loci Shores

Shores of Loci

“Loci Shores,” released in 2022, is an indie game developed by MikeTeevee. This narrative-driven puzzle game stands out in the VR landscape for its distinctive approach.

Featuring breathtaking visuals and engaging puzzles, it offers a tranquil and beautiful gaming experience. Unlike many VR games that prioritize action and shooting, “Loci Shores” is a rare find that caters to all audiences, providing a relaxing and soothing experience.

9.Cards and Tankards

“Cards and Tankards,” another indie gem on this list, comes from Divergent Realities. It represents one of the first card games to make its way into VR, offering a socially interactive, collectible card game experience. Set against the backdrop of a medieval inn, it immerses players in a unique and engaging environment where they can enjoy card games with both friends and strangers.

As the game’s description invites, “Grab a drink, invite your friends, and get your deck ready!” Currently available in early access, “Cards and Tankards” may not be fully polished yet but presents an intriguing experience. Moreover, players have the opportunity to influence the direction of its future development.



“Going to Sea,” developed by Continuum XR and Red Team 19, is a relatively new title that debuted in August 2022. Drawing inspiration from “The Sea of Thieves,” this VR-exclusive game delivers an immersive sea adventure experience that fans of maritime exploration will adore. Despite being in early access, the game already offers a wealth of enjoyable activities. Players can navigate the oceans, enhance their ships, engage in looting, and hunt for treasure. This is only the starting point, as the developers have ambitious plans to expand the game further, including the introduction of a multiplayer mode.

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