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Metaverse is a concept that entered our lives a short time ago. Although it refers to a virtual universe, some see it as the world of the future. 33 academics from different universities and institutions came together and prepared the book ‘Metaverse’

The Metaverse concept, which has recently been included in our lives, refers to a virtual universe. Although it basically refers to digitally creating a similar visible environment by using the infrastructure provided by the internet, there are many who see it as the ‘future’.

How Will the Data Be Evaluated?

“On Web1 it happened similarly to mass media. There was one-way communication. Someone was uploading something to the website and you were reading it. We started writing something with Web2, the current social media. This caused a radical change. The impact of this was seen in events such as the ‘Arab Spring’. In Web3, there is an incredible accumulation of data, and technology is trying to figure out how to evaluate this data.”

It is Inconvenient to Collect in a Single Center

“Storing information in a single center has major disadvantages. First, there is a danger that that center will use that information for its own benefit. Secondly, there are threats that may arise if that center is attacked by hackers or falls into the hands of malicious people. Different methods were tried to prevent this. ‘Blockchain’ solved this problem.”

Very Hard to Break

“Almost everyone uses credit cards. We normally use a 4 digit password. 10 to the power of 4 digits is required for someone to break it. However, in Bblockchain, a password of 10 to the 256 characters is used when moving from one page to another.   This password is very strong. Even if you break it, it doesn’t work because you have to go to the end of the block, break the whole network.”

Advantages of Blockchain

“It has a great advantage in the field of health, it has an advantage in the field of trade. It will strengthen our social story. It has a great advantage in land registry and cadastre. You do not need any valuable documents. There is no need for correspondence that takes months in international trade, and transactions can be completed in seconds using Blockchain. You cannot change the ledger. You need a hard cryptographic solution to be able to break it.”

Decentralized Economy and Relations

“People will move away due to pandemics. The rapprochement will be held virtually. Today, everyone from Saudi Arabia to China is trying to go to Mars. A colony will somehow be established on Mars. What will the currency be? The answer to these questions will be Metaverse because it brings decentralization.”

Virtual Coins

“Bitcoin, the first virtual currency, was created using Blockchain. I think of Bitcoin like gold. Gold provided the basic exchange. We dug a little more into the ground and found oil. That is Etherium. Smart contracts came into play, and thanks to these contracts, NFTs were able to emerge. It has come to such a point that the volume of this field, which we call crypto money, expanded to 2.8 trillion dollars at one point.”

Be Careful When Investing

“The future is there. But when we invest there, we need to be very smart. There are certain basic A coins. We need to follow them as carefully and carefully as possible. It will definitely put you in trouble in some way, so do not enter it by destroying your house, land or car. There are reliable and large exchanges. There are wallets that use cryptography. If you turn to them as much as possible, it will save you, at least from us, with minimal harm from any manipulation that will arise. “

Don’t Be Confused

“People get confused on topics such as NFT, virtual money, Metaverse, but by publishing books that eliminate that confusion as much as possible, we can develop structures that will prevent people who try to establish digital domination and integrate into the new structure in order not to lose their own power, from manipulating us in some way.”

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