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Crypto mutual funds overtake spot market in 2023

In 2023, the cryptocurrency market appears to have largely recovered from the previous year’s setbacks. Bitcoin (BTC), for instance, witnessed a significant increase in value, climbing from $37,202 to an unspecified higher figure.

This rise in Bitcoin’s value has positively impacted cryptocurrency-themed mutual funds, which have gained even more value.

A report from digital asset researcher Fineqia indicates that crypto investment funds available on the market have performed exceptionally well. Asset management giants such as Grayscale, CoinShares, and 21Shares have seen an average return of 91 percent under their management.

Experts analyzing the returns of 168 different funds have concluded that, in general, these funds have outperformed the spot market, highlighting a profitable trend in the crypto investment landscape.

Funds weigh in on Bitcoin


Experts at Fineqia have linked the impressive success of cryptocurrency funds to the growing prominence of Bitcoin within investment portfolios.

The research reveals that the average weight of Bitcoin in these funds is about 75%, compared to its dominance of around 50% in the spot market. This discrepancy highlights a strategic emphasis by fund managers on Bitcoin, which has been a key driver of the high performance observed in these funds.

Year-to-date, Bitcoin (BTC) has seen its price surge by over 100%, a notable contrast to Ether’s more modest return, capped at around 50%. This divergence in performance underscores the significant impact of portfolio composition on overall returns in the cryptocurrency market.


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