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Create Songs by Humming: AI Tool Coming to YouTube

YouTube, in partnership with Google’s DeepMind, is pioneering new advancements in AI music technology through their innovative “Dream Track” tool. This feature marks a significant advancement in generative AI, enabling users to craft unique songs featuring the voices of well-known artists, all from simple written commands.

The process is user-friendly: individuals provide written directives, and the AI generates lyrics matching these instructions. Following this, users select from a list of famous singers for their song’s performance. The AI then synthesizes the chosen artists’ voices, offering a 30-second preview of the song as performed by these virtual vocalists.

This breakthrough not only showcases the growing potential of AI in music and voice synthesis but also paves the way for custom music creation. With this technology, even a simple hum can be transformed into a complete song, rendered in the distinctive voice of a celebrated singer.

Artificial intelligence will create and sing the song

Create Songs by Humming: AI Tool Coming to YouTube

YouTube’s foray into AI-powered music creation, in collaboration with Google’s DeepMind, has attracted the participation of nine renowned artists: Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Papoose, Sia, T-Pain, and Troye Sivan. This partnership marks a significant endorsement of AI technology by these artists.

Demi Lovato shared an optimistic view on this endeavor, emphasizing the critical role of artists in embracing AI technologies. She recognized the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of music and creativity.

At the heart of this project is “Lyria,” DeepMind’s most advanced model for music creation, which powers the Dream Track feature. YouTube’s integration of Lyria into this innovative tool highlights their commitment to leading the charge in AI and music, offering a novel approach to song creation and performance. This collaboration between YouTube, DeepMind, and the participating artists represents a remarkable fusion of technology and human creativity within the music industry.

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The murmurs will be music

Create Songs by Humming: AI Tool Coming to YouTube

Lyor Cohen, head of YouTube’s music division, along with Tony Reid, a senior executive at the company, shared their vision that this new AI initiative could unveil novel ways to enhance the bond between artists and their fans. They highlighted the Dream Track tool’s ability to transform simple hums or sounds into complex music compositions, even including wind instruments.

Cohen expressed excitement about the prospects AI offers, stressing the importance of cautious innovation. He remarked, “The potential of AI is incredibly exciting. Nonetheless, we are dedicated to responsibly embracing new technology. This entails acknowledging that AI is meant to augment, rather than replace, human creativity.”

To demonstrate the potential of this innovative feature, YouTube has released two sample tracks created with the Dream Track tool. These examples offer a preview of the future of music creation and the growing interplay between AI technology and artistic creativity.

The song, composed by Charlie Puth’s voice, with the command “Opposites attract”:

The music and lyrics for this Florida-native piece are composed by Dream Track, and the sound comes from T-Pain, “On a sunny Florida morning, R&B”:

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