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Consumer Interest in the Metaverse: Surpassing 90%

Despite challenging market conditions over the past year, the concept of the metaverse and its potential applications continue to captivate consumers.

A recent study by Capgemini reveals that three-quarters of consumers believe the metaverse will significantly influence how they interact with brands and individuals.

Furthermore, 70% of organizations recognize that metaverse and 3D experiences are poised to transform customer experiences. The study involved an analysis of 8,000 consumers and 1,000 organizations across 12 countries, aiming to gauge metaverse competence, interest in the concept, and its potential impact.

Out of the surveyed consumers, 380 identified themselves as “experienced in the metaverse,” with three-quarters actively participating in metaverse spaces.

Consumer Interest in the Metaverse: Surpassing 90%

The data indicates a high level of curiosity about the metaverse among consumers, with 93 percent expressing interest. Approximately 51 percent of these consumers stated they would engage with the metaverse more as it becomes more accessible.

Charlton Monsanto, Capgemini’s Global Head of Immersive Experience Offerings, emphasized the importance of focusing on accessibility and privacy in the consumer metaverse. He acknowledged the transformative potential of the metaverse, noting the high level of consumer interest in it.

Additionally, the study explored the types of interactions consumers are interested in within the metaverse. The findings revealed that 43 percent of the participants expressed a desire to interact with family and friends in the metaverse.

Other areas of interest include connecting with colleagues (39%), engaging in gaming experiences (33%), and participating in commercial activities (28%).

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