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Coca-Cola’s Metaverse Anniversary NFT Celebration

Coca-Cola has made an announcement today, revealing its plan to produce and gift exclusive digital collections to current Coca-Cola NFT owners in celebration of the Metaverse anniversary.

The new collection is set to be distributed on July 30, coinciding with International Friendship Day. According to the company’s statements, each collection will be shareable with a friend, emphasizing the promotion of the spirit of friendship.

For more detailed information, Metaverseplanet has compiled the specifics of Coca-Cola’s upcoming NFT airdrop.

Coca-Cola NFT Ventures

Coca Cola Celebrates Metaverse Anniversary with NFTs

In celebration of this year’s Friendship Day, Coca-Cola has announced an airdrop of exclusive digital collections for NFT holders. To qualify for this airdrop, collectors must own at least one of the three previously announced NFT collections: Coca-Cola’s International Pride Day, Hamburger Day 2022, and Coca-Cola Friendship Day.

The new Friendship Day collection draws inspiration from the bubbles in each bottle, and when collectors share their NFT with a friend, the artwork will be present in both people’s wallets. Additionally, Coca-Cola will extend a special invitation to owners of Coca-Cola collections for an exclusive Real Magic experience, which includes early access to Coca-Cola Creations and Coke Studio.

Pratik Thakar, Head of Global Creative Strategy at Coca-Cola, emphasized the brand’s commitment to bringing people together and connecting in new and inspiring ways through their entry into the Metaverse a year ago.

Coca-Cola’s Web3 Journey

Coca Cola Celebrates Metaverse Anniversary with NFTs

Coca-Cola made its entry into the Metaverse space in July of last year and has since released over 4,000 digital collectibles for its community. On last year’s International Friendship Day, the company hosted a party in the Decentraland Metaverse, featuring a special NFT drop. Recently, Coca-Cola unveiled an NFT collection in collaboration with artist Rich Minsi to celebrate the International Day of Honor, with all proceeds from sales going to the LGBTQIA+ community organization OUT.

In April, Coca-Cola established a partnership with VeVe, collaborating on an NFT series dedicated to the limited edition Starlight flavor, exclusively available through the VeVe application. Each NFT in this series is affordably priced at $40. Demonstrating its commitment to Web3 initiatives, Coca-Cola continues to engage in partnerships and is likely to explore new initiatives as the Web3 space evolves.

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