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Chrome is testing the ability to change wallpaper using artificial intelligence

Google Chrome is continuing to enhance its popular browser by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) features. The latest addition, an AI-powered wallpaper feature, was recently discovered, signaling Google’s commitment to providing a highly personalized user experience.

This new AI feature, as revealed by @Leopeva64 on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), is part of Chrome’s experimental “Expanded Theme Gallery.”

This option, found in the browser’s “Advanced” settings section dedicated to AI, allows users to access the “Customize Chrome” side panel. Here, they can explore advanced wallpaper search options, offering a unique level of customization.


Furthermore, existing options like “Create” and “Edit Tabs,” remain available, ensuring that users still have access to familiar features.

The “Generate” function incorporates AI to assist in rephrasing text, a feature akin to what’s already available in Microsoft Edge. Additionally, “Organize Tabs” enables users to sort their tab layout for more efficient navigation.


Interestingly, Google Chrome’s AI-driven enhancements don’t seem to be stopping here.

In a move marking a new chapter in the browser wars, Google, a major competitor of Microsoft, has integrated its Bing AI chatbot into Chrome. This integration signifies an exciting development in the ongoing evolution of web browsers.


This update represents a significant step in making the browsing experience more customizable and user-centric than ever before.

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