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Carrieverse & Polygon Partner for Metaverse

Carrieverse, a social Metaverse platform that showcases content such as Web3 games, education, and commerce, has entered into a new partnership with Polygon for the development of its Metaverse project.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that this Metaverse project will be hosted on the Polygon network, leveraging its capabilities as an Ethereum scaling solution.

Carrieverse Will Enhance The Metaverse World!

Carrieverse & Polygon Partner for Metaverse
Carrieverse x Polygon

Carrieverse, recognized as a social Metaverse site, hosts a range of meaningful content including Web3 games, education, and entertainment. It fosters corporate engagement and provides tools to aid creators in establishing their distinct identities.

The Metaverse platform is designed to mirror the real-life activities of young people, with plans to amalgamate real social activities like gaming, education, work, and other initiatives. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to develop NFTs. Carrieverse also announced its intention to create a P2E tactical game named ‘SuperKola’, accompanied by an NFT collection, in collaboration with Kim Bo-tong, the director of the Netflix series DP.

Urvit Goel, head of global gaming business development at Polygon, remarked that Carrieverse is an extensive Metaverse project set to enhance the gaming ecosystem, commerce, and NFTs. It also aims to elevate global recognition of the ‘Carrie and Friends’ brand. Goel noted that Polygon would support the platform’s growth and provide Polygon Blockchain tools to ensure its success, expressing excitement about the partnership with Carrieverse.

Polygon, an Ethereum-based Blockchain protocol, is engineered to synergize with the Ethereum network. It aims to reduce transaction costs and accelerate transaction speeds while maintaining security. As a carbon-neutral platform, Polygon ensures that the carbon emissions from every transaction are fully compensated for.

The Young Generation and the Metaverse

Carrieverse & Polygon Partner for Metaverse

Recent studies have revealed that the younger generation, particularly Gen Z gamers, tend to spend more time interacting with friends online than in the physical world. This affinity is largely attributed to the immersive nature of the Metaverse, where virtual avatars are increasingly becoming the norm.

The report suggests that Gen Z finds the Metaverse more appealing due to the lack of social and economic status concerns present in the real world, allowing them to create unique identities with greater ease.

In this digital landscape, people generally find it simpler to form new friendships online compared to real-life interactions. Additionally, there’s a growing desire for their favorite brands to have a presence in the Metaverse, aligning with their lifestyle choices.

This trend has prompted many leading tech and fashion brands to establish a foothold in the Metaverse. Despite some skepticism surrounding the Metaverse, its worlds continue to expand day by day.

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