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Can Smart Glasses Take the First Place in Technology with Metaverse?

Google announced that they will release a new smart glasses with AR technology. This raises an interesting question. The question of ‘what will happen to smartphones when smart glasses become more popular’ emerges as an important point for the future. Google’s idea of ​​wearable computers ten years ago has caught the world’s attention. A few attempts have been made about this so far. However, nothing was really accomplished exactly as promised. With the adoption of the metaverse concept, this issue came up again. Will something like this be possible with Metaverse in the near future?

Interest in Smart Glasses Increases Again!


In 2022, while everyone is still dealing with the pandemic, Google has quietly made a major acquisition. The tech giant acquired North, one of its most promising smart glasses startups, in June of that year. Since the purchase was made secretly, there is no exact information about the net price. However, although not confirmed by Google, GlobeandMail reported that it was worth over $180 million. Then last year, Google hired several high-profile AR software and hardware developers. With these initiatives, rumors began to circulate that Google was working on something big. The company confirmed these rumors in its latest announcement. According to the statement, the company is experimenting with a new smart glasses.

Now Google’s initiatives give rise to a lot of speculation about the future of smart glasses. Also, some tech entrepreneurs think that smart glasses will eventually replace smartphones. Zuckerberg , for example , believes that smart glasses will replace them as the primary way people access the internet within a decade. Indeed, the Meta founder is very confident in this prediction. In this direction, it has greatly increased its investments in AR and VR initiatives. He is not the only one who thinks that smart glasses will replace smartphones. Alex Kipman, the inventor of Microsoft’s HoloLens, also believes that smart glasses are the future. His belief centers around that smartphones are basically dead already.

Metaverse Will Be Accessible With Smart Glasses!

Of course, there are still many questions to be answered. At the beginning of this is the question ‘what will people actually use smart glasses for’. Some people believe that smart glasses will be the key to unlocking the Metaverse. In science fiction, we often see characters accessing virtual reality worlds through advanced glasses or contact lenses . That’s why smart glasses can be an indispensable part of our lives. This idea is generally accepted in terms of the concept of the Metaverse.

Experts have been focusing quite a bit on the concept of Metaverse lately. On the one hand, Metaverse virtual worlds are being developed, on the other hand, studies are continuing on how to improve access to these places. Although experts say that they cannot clarify the concept of ‘Metaverse’ at the moment, it seems that this concept and smart glasses will come together in time. However, time will tell what the future will bring for smart glasses.

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