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Bruce Lee’s Hong Kong House in the Metaverse

Forty-nine years after the passing of the legendary Hong Kong martial artist Bruce Lee, the Bruce Lee Club has partnered with the digital firm PRIZM Group to bring his former home into the Metaverse using VR technology.

This collaboration aims to create an exhibition titled “Bruce Lee’s House in the Metaverse.” At its heart, this initiative seeks to revive memories and celebrate Lee’s cinematic legacy through the use of Blockchain and Web3 technologies.

The project’s primary goal is to honor and perpetuate the artist’s legacy for future generations.

Bruce Lee Will Live in the Metaverse World!

Bruce Lee's Hong Kong House in the Metaverse

In 2019, the demolition of Bruce Lee’s old house occurred. However, thanks to advancements in VR technology, fans worldwide will soon be able to virtually visit the former residence of the kung fu icon. This experience will not only be immersive but also interactive.

Additionally, they will have the opportunity to engage in various activities in the sandbox environment known as ‘Crane’s Nest’.

The recreation of Lee’s old house in the Metaverse is a collaborative effort involving Yuen Ho Wa Andy from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin), Lee Chun Kit Owen, and Li Chun Kit Jacky, who are working alongside PRIZM Group and the Bruce Lee Club. Furthermore, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design has been approached to contribute significant content to the project, with Shannon Ma, a renowned graphic artist, serving as the technical consultant.

The report indicates that the completed segment of this project is set to be unveiled on July 20, coinciding with the anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death. This means the launch is anticipated to occur on July 20, 2023. Wong Yiu Keung, president of the Bruce Lee Club, mentioned plans to convert Lee’s home into a hotel, a first since the actor’s passing, although he initially proposed a memorial hall. Following the abandonment of this idea due to various challenges, the group has decided to proceed with the project in the digital realm, circumventing physical obstacles.

Yiu Keung believes this latest initiative will offer a deeper insight into Bruce Lee’s life and legacy through VR and Web3 technologies. This endeavor also highlights the expanding application of Web3 and Blockchain technologies across diverse sectors.

Increasingly, Web3 technologies are being utilized to create digital representations of historical events and memories. As part of this project, the ‘Water Philosophy’ necklace, crafted by Bruce Lee in tribute to his movie ‘Enter the Dragon,’ will also be featured in the exhibition.

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