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Bruce Lee avatar reunites with fans on metaverse

The 50th anniversary of the legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee, who passed away in 1973, will be honored in the metaverse.

Fans will have the opportunity to learn martial arts from Bruce Lee in the metaverse through a memorial event conducted by a social entertainment platform.

The Metaverse project, Byte City, announced on July 26 that anyone who wants to interact with an avatar of the late actor can participate in the event by minting an avatar on Ethereum and Polygon. Avatar minting is scheduled to begin on July 27 at 9:00 AM US time for Polygon, and at 9:00 AM on July 28 for Ethereum.

Those who succeed in minting an avatar using Ethereum or Polygon will be able to use their newly minted playable characters in the Byte City metaverse game, 24 hours after the minting process. Access to the game will be available through desktop browsers and mobile devices on iOS and Android platforms.

Byte City has also collaborated with Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, and Samsung Gaming in preparation for the commemoration event.

Shannon Lee has previously mentioned in a press release that the game will offer an immersive experience, allowing fans to celebrate her father’s legacy in a unique way.

The memorial event organized by Byte City is not the first time Bruce Lee’s presence has been felt online. The Bruce Lee Foundation, headed by Shannon Lee, partnered with the NFT video platform Shibuya to launch an NFT collection named The House of Lee on April 12.

Indeed, while the NFT collection, The House of Lee, generated approximately $730,000 in revenue, NFT owners discovered that only one NFT in the entire collection was unique. This revelation caused the base price of the collection to plummet from the minting price of 0.008 Ethereum (ETH) to 0.002 ETH.

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