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Boston Dynamics’ Four-Legged Robot Spot Now Speaking

Boston Dynamics’ quadruped robot, Spot, which seems like it’s taken straight from the pages of a science fiction novel, has acquired a new skill: the ability to speak. This communication feature has been made possible by integrating ChatGPT into the robot.

Spot, developed by the US-based robotics firm Boston Dynamics, has been in the works for several years, showcasing a wide range of capabilities such as running, jumping, dancing, and even drawing. The robot, which has also served as a worker at Tüpraş, has now been enhanced with a fascinating new function.

Boston Dynamics has published a video on YouTube demonstrating Spot’s newfound ability to speak, signifying a major leap forward in its operational capabilities and the potential for interaction.

Spot, who has become a tour guide, can talk through ChatGPT

In the video, Spot demonstrates its new ability to answer questions, even speaking with a British accent. Interestingly, it uses the part that usually functions as its arm, opening and closing it like a “mouth” to mimic speech. Boston Dynamics has added a playful element to Spot, outfitting it with a hat, eyes, and a mustache, giving the robot a more whimsical look.

Now capable of speech, Spot has taken on the role of a tour guide, able to lead visitors through the company’s facilities and answer questions about the premises and various subjects. To enable this, Boston Dynamics has integrated the widely-used ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI, along with other open-source models, to ensure the robot can provide responsible and accurate responses.

Boston Dynamics' Four-Legged Robot Spot Now Speaking

To further enhance Spot’s capabilities, the robot has been equipped with a speaker and text-to-speech functionalities. Company officials have indicated that Spot can utilize its cameras to examine images of the facility, thereby gathering more information and responding to inquiries more effectively.

Beyond merely acting as the “British butler” depicted in the video, Spot can also take on a variety of other roles, such as an archaeologist, a time traveler, or even a character from the 1920s, all while displaying a sarcastic demeanor. This range of personas underscores Spot’s advanced and flexible communication abilities.

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