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Bank also stepped into Metaverse

İşbank has stepped into the Metaverse, launching its Entrepreneurship Branch to offer specialized banking services to entrepreneurs. Now, during specific days and hours each week, users can engage in live interactions with real customer representatives within the Metaverse.

The Entrepreneurship Branch, tailored for entrepreneurs and those involved in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, facilitates a unique virtual environment. Here, users can not only converse live with customer representatives but also explore banking products and services tailored for startups.

Bank also stepped into Metaverse

Adjacent to the Entrepreneurship Branch is the Nays Area, where users can delve into the benefits and features of the next-generation finance application, Nays. Furthermore, through partnerships with GoArt Metaverse, users can enjoy “play to earn” and “move to earn” programs. Engaging in GoArt’s “Play to Earn” initiative, users who complete tasks within the Nays domain can secure NFTs embedded with Pazarama discount codes.

Additionally, the “Nays – Burger King Prize Hunt” merges GoArt Metaverse’s augmented reality (AR) technology with its “move to earn” scheme. This collaboration with Burger King, one of the project’s inaugural partners, lets users collect Nays points across over 700 Burger King outlets and earn NFTs that provide discounted menu deals.


GoArt Metaverse specializes in crafting virtual experiences, constructing gamified interactive zones accessible to both consumers and brands. The GoArt Metaverse mobile app features historical portals as well as brand-centric interactive gateways in real-time. As the platform allows users to earn in diverse ways while exploring, its overarching goal is to foster a space where brands can connect and engage with users.


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