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Aytemiz Fuel: World’s First Metaverse Station –

The Turkish brand Aytemiz, known for its innovative and groundbreaking services in the industry, has made a significant mark on the global stage by launching a station in Decentraland, the most popular Metaverse universe.

This move highlights Aytemiz’s commitment to embracing emerging digital platforms and technologies.

The world’s first fuel station in Metaverse is from Turkish brand Aytemiz

Aytemiz Fuel: World's First Metaverse Station -
Aytemiz, the world’s first fuel station in Metaverse!

The Turkish brand Aytemiz, renowned for its innovative and pioneering services in the industry, has made a groundbreaking move on the global stage by launching a fuel station in Decentraland, the most popular Metaverse universe.

Aytemiz, a leading domestic brand in the fuel sector, continues to set itself apart through its investments in technology and the future. Aytemiz has achieved the distinction of becoming the world’s first fuel company to enter the Metaverse universe by opening a fuel station in Decentraland, a highly popular Metaverse universe located at coordinates 139.-72.

Visitors to the Aytemiz station within the Decentraland universe will not only experience a unique station environment but will also have the opportunity to purchase fuel at a 50% discount, in addition to the discount available through the Aytemiz Vaay application, until the end of the year. This special offer can be accessed via the application screens at the station.

Highlighting that the Metaverse represents a new reality where users can simultaneously experience the virtual and real worlds, Aytemiz’s General Manager, Çağdaş Demirağ, commented:

“We have constructed the Metaverse’s inaugural fuel station next to the Dragon City theme park, a highly popular area in Decentraland, currently frequented by 280,000 visitors monthly. We believe that this novel virtual experience, characterized by accessibility and enjoyment, will captivate a wide audience. We anticipate that this emerging virtual world will revolutionize all forms of commerce, including e-commerce. In the near future, we will be able to conduct our grocery and fuel shopping through much more personalized experiences. As the world’s first fuel brand to enter the Metaverse universe, we are proactively preparing for the future, aiming to distinguish ourselves through the unique experiences we offer. We believe that such technology-driven projects will capture the attention of younger generations.”

Metaverse-exclusive fuel: MetaFuel

Aytemiz Fuel: World's First Metaverse Station -

Demirağ also provided insights into the unique fuel product that Aytemiz has specifically introduced for the Metaverse, highlighting that this is a global first for the industry. He stated, “We have introduced ‘MetaFuel,’ the fuel of the future, at this station for the first time on a pump island.

Thanks to AR technology, tech enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience and visualize MetaFuel pump islands using their smart devices.

In the near future, as the global business landscape undergoes a complete transformation, it will become possible to purchase products developed for the Metaverse by visiting areas within this virtual universe and using specialized currencies. In this evolving world, companies are expected to generate a significant portion of their total revenue and profits from activities within these virtual realms.”

In addition to the Aytemiz Vaay application available at the first fuel station in Decentraland, the station offers a range of surprising products and services, including Self Service, Biker Friendly Station amenities, and an electric vehicle charging point.

Aytemiz’s additive fuel, Optimum, is also featured at the station, which includes Aytemiz’s modern ON 7/24 Market concept. The station emphasizes express car wash services and showcases products from Castrol, a leading mineral oil brand sold at Aytemiz stations.

Additionally, the electric vehicle charging point underscores the future transformation with the new MG ZS EV model, which is 100% electric, features a renewed design, and offers a WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Test Procedure for Light Vehicles) range of 440 km.

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