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Axie Infinity Announces Agreement With Google

Google Cloud has announced a collaboration with the largest metaverse coin and project in the market. This partnership is notably linked to the GameFi industry.

Google will work with this metaverse coin project

Axie Infinity Announces Agreement With Google

Sky Mavis, the team behind the Axie Infinity game, has enlisted Google in its expanding roster of collaborators for enhanced security. As a result, Google Cloud has committed to operating validator nodes on the game-focused Ronin network.

The Ronin Blockchain fell prey to a significant hacking incident in March. To date, they have succeeded in recovering approximately 10% of the lost funds.

Today, Sky Mavis announced its agreement with Google Cloud, enabling it to operate a node on the Ronin network. Consequently, Google Cloud will contribute to securing the Ronin Blockchain and processing its transactions. Ruma Balasubramanian, Managing Director for Southeast Asia at Google Cloud, stated:

“Sky Mavis is a prime example of how cloud technology can empower blockchain innovations to generate value and new experiences for individuals.

In collaboration with Searce as our implementation partner, we are eager to assist Sky Mavis in expediting their product development and expanding the Ronin network with robust infrastructure. We are also enthusiastic about the potential outcomes of this latest partnership, ranging from enjoyable user experiences to innovative business models in game distribution.”

Google will play an important role in the security of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Announces Agreement With Google

In the March attack, Axie Infinity suffered a loss of $552 million in cryptocurrencies. Now, Google Cloud is set to join as the 18th validator on Ronin, effectively doubling the security measures.

During this attack, hackers compromised five of the nine validators using stolen private keys. The U.S. Treasury has attributed this misconduct to the North Korean state-sponsored hacking group Lazarus.

Sky Mavis is working towards a goal of having at least 21 validators for Ronin. The company has also incorporated partnerships with various firms, including Web3 game guild startup Yield Guild Games, blockchain analytics companies Nansen and DappRadar, and Animoca Brands, a prominent investor and publisher in the metaverse and gaming sectors.

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