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Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) Price Forecast – 2023, 2025, 2030

Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) is a cryptocurrency that aims to facilitate the development and deployment of artificial intelligence applications.

As with any cryptocurrency, the price of ALI is influenced by various factors such as market demand, adoption rate, regulatory changes, and technological advancements.

In this article, we will analyze the potential price of ALI over the next few years and provide a year-by-year price prediction until 2030.

Current Market Status of ALI:

As of April 2023, the price of ALI stands at around $0.20. The market capitalization is approximately $100 million, with a circulating supply of 500 million tokens.

The coin is traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Uniswap,, and BitMax.

The information contained in our content is not exact. These are the figures obtained as a result of technical analysis and do not give investment advice.


Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) is a relatively new project that was launched in mid-2021, so it is challenging to predict its future price with certainty. However, we can look at the current state of the project and the overall market trends to make an estimated price forecast for the next few years.

Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) 2023 forecast

2023: In 2023, ALI is expected to continue its growth trajectory as the project gains more traction in the market. The team is expected to achieve several milestones, including expanding its user base and partnerships, which could potentially boost the coin’s value. By the end of 2023, ALI could be trading at around $2.5 to $3.5.

Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) 2024-2025 forecast

2024-2025: During this period, Artificial Liquid Intelligence is expected to continue its growth trajectory as more individuals and institutions become familiar with the project. ALI could have established itself as a major player in the artificial intelligence space, which could drive demand for the coin. By the end of 2025, ALI could be trading at around $5 to $7.

Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) 2026-2027 forecast

2026-2027: During this period, the crypto market will likely experience a significant bull run, and Artificial Liquid Intelligence could be one of the beneficiaries. Additionally, the project could have achieved significant milestones in its development, which could potentially drive demand for the coin. By the end of 2027, ALI could be trading at around $10 to $12.

Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) 2028-2030 forecast

2028-2030: These years could be crucial for the development and adoption of Artificial Liquid Intelligence. As the project gains more mainstream attention, it could be used by institutions and individuals worldwide, driving demand for the coin. The price of ALI could experience significant fluctuations during this period, depending on various market and project-related factors. By the end of 2030, ALI could be trading at around $15 to $20.

It is worth noting that cryptocurrency price predictions should be taken with caution as the market can be highly volatile and subject to various unpredictable events. Therefore, it is essential to conduct your research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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