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Artificial Intelligence Tools to Create a Logo

Logos that enable the promotion and branding of companies can now be prepared more easily with artificial intelligence tools. Here are the tools that may be useful to you!

With effectively designed logos, companies become more easily recognized in the industry and become a brand. Nowadays, with the development of technology, logos that reflect the corporate nature of companies have begun to be designed with artificial intelligence.

Companies can have both professional and original logos with artificial intelligence-supported logo design applications. At the same time, individuals can use any of the tools mentioned below to create their own logo.

  • looka
  • Login
  • Brandmark
  • Buy Stockkimg
  • Namecheap
  • Logaster


Artificial Intelligence Tools to Create a Logo

Looka stands out as an AI-powered tool designed for creating logos and offers an intuitive user interface. Using artificial intelligence, it allows users to tailor their logos according to specific preferences. To get started with Looka:

  • Input the company name,
  • Specify the company’s industry,
  • Provide the company’s design preferences.

Upon entering the aforementioned details, Looka’s AI algorithm springs into action. It scrutinizes the provided data and showcases an array of logo designs tailored for the user. Looka prides itself on its swift personalized logo creations. Once finalized, these logos are available for download in various file formats.

Moreover, if a user isn’t satisfied with the generated logo, there’s an option to make further adjustments or revisions.


Both brands and individuals can leverage the “Get Logo” tool for crafting professional logo designs. It facilitates the creation of corporate logos incorporating various elements like fonts and colors.

“Get Logo” offers an extensive array of templates. Users can kickstart their design journey by selecting a preferred logo template. Once the design is finalized, it can be saved in high-resolution formats such as PNG, JPG, and more.



Another addition to our list of AI-powered logo creation tools is Brandmark. With Brandmark, users can craft customized logos swiftly and directly through a browser, eliminating the need for specialized software or a designer.

Once designed, logos can be downloaded in various formats including PNG, PDF, SVG, and EPS. Moreover, this AI tool also simplifies the process of editing logo text.



With Stockimg, users can rapidly produce high-resolution logos. This AI-driven tool allows users to incorporate any images they desire into their logos.

The tool comes equipped with an editor, facilitating easy modifications to the images within logos. Additionally, users have the flexibility to make additions or deletions to the logo as needed.



Namecheap allows users to craft logos in as little as 5 minutes. The logos produced with Namecheap have a professional touch, suitable for both personal brands and businesses. They are designed with impeccable color choices and font icons.



Logaster  is last on our list of artificial intelligence tools with which you can prepare logos  . A logo can be prepared in 5 minutes with Logaster.

Prepared logos; It can be downloaded to devices immediately in jpeg, png, svg and pdf formats.

Logo selection can be made on the tool according to the company name and sector. Users can edit the logo they want after choosing from thousands of logos.


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