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Artificial intelligence tools are gaining popularity every day, as they can notably diminish the time and effort required for even the most intricate tasks. Their appeal lies in their ability to enhance overall productivity and precision while automating certain procedures.

They find their application in diverse industries such as healthcare, finance, and financial planning, among others, assisting in improved decision making and forecasting companies’ future stances.

These tools, which can carry out tasks ranging from content generation to instantaneous image and background removal, are seeing rapid growth. Their personal utilization for task efficiency is driving this expansion.

15 Best AI Tools and Websites to Make Your Job Easier

In the list below you can find the 15 best AI tools and websites that will make your job easier:



ChatGPT, established by OpenAI in June 2020, is a transformative tool in the world of artificial intelligence. It uses the Transformer machine learning technique to generate human-like text responses. This AI model can assist with a variety of tasks, including drafting emails, writing code, answering complex problems for students, and acting as a customer service tool for businesses.

The use of ChatGPT extends to various sectors, with applications including content creation, customer service, and even script generation for the entertainment industry. As for pricing, while a free research preview of ChatGPT is available, a subscription plan called ChatGPT Plus is offered at $20 per month, providing benefits such as faster response times and priority access to new features. With its broad potential, ChatGPT represents a significant advancement in harnessing the power of AI.



Chatsonic is a revolutionary chatbot designed to create engaging automated conversations. Unlike many other chatbots on the market, Chatsonic can access Google to provide real-time, up-to-date answers to user queries. This highly sophisticated tool serves as a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to improve their customer service experience.

The application of Chatsonic is vast, encompassing areas such as customer support, product recommendations, and content creation, among others. Its pricing is structured to offer affordability, with a free trial available that includes access to premium features. Overall, Chatsonic is a forward-thinking tool that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline business operations and improve customer interactions.

3.Trip Planner


Trip Planner is an AI-powered tool designed to aid travelers in planning their trips more effectively. By analyzing user preferences, this technology can suggest places to visit, dining locations, shopping spots, and various other activities. This essentially results in a personalized itinerary tailored to the user’s unique preferences.

The utility of Trip Planner goes beyond mere suggestions, though. The tool incorporates time management for each activity, thereby curating a comprehensive plan that factors in timings and durations. The application also searches for site-specific events, restaurants, and other points of interest based on ratings, reviews, and past experiences.

4.Adobe Enhance


Adobe Enhance, a feature integrated into Adobe Podcasts, is designed to help users improve their voice clarity in their recordings. By allowing users to swiftly and efficiently eliminate background noise and enhance sound quality, Adobe Enhance takes the audio quality to new heights.

With the ability to produce studio-like quality sound, Adobe Enhance removes distractions like processing noise which can have a significant impact on the listening experience. It may seem like a subtle modification, but its implications for the quality of sound are tremendous.

The Adobe Enhance tool is often used in podcasting, video editing, music production, and other audio-centric applications. It has become a favorite among content creators for its ease of use and impactful enhancements, truly transforming the audio production landscape.



Cutout.pro is an online image editing tool that enables users to manipulate and edit images with a few simple clicks. It has an intuitive user interface and a variety of features that make it easy for anyone, even without technical skills or design background, to improve and adjust their digital images.

One of its primary features is the ability to remove the background from an image, making it possible to isolate the subject of the photo and place it against any desired backdrop. This is a common requirement in a variety of fields, including e-commerce, advertising, and graphic design.

In addition to background removal, Cutout.pro offers features like photo enhancement and the ability to remove unwanted people or objects from a picture. It can also create color and portrait photos, and even generate passport size images from a stock photo.



Dall-E uses machine learning to produce imaginary or realistic images or a combination of both, from textual descriptions. Users can also edit existing images and add or remove details as they desire.

Nvidia Canvas


Nvidia Canvas is a digital painting application catering to creative professionals. It transforms rough sketches into realistic and detailed images, providing artists with a powerful, user-friendly tool to create digital masterpieces.



Developed by Google, Socratic primarily assists students with their homework by understanding text in both print and handwritten form, thus providing solutions to problems swiftly.



Midjourney is an image generator which generates images from text or provides existing images via Discord. Users need to input a description and prompt, following which, the bot generates a few preview images that can be modified as per user preferences.

Jasper Chat


Jasper Chat is a multilingual application that can rewrite subjects with some alterations. It’s capable of initiating conversations and providing real-time answers to queries.

Bing AI


Bing AI is a powerful AI chatbot capable of creating content, making it one of the best AI chatbots available today. Bing helps users write emails, plan vacations, prepare for job interviews, and much more.



Krisp is an AI-based tool proficient in eliminating background noise, thus providing extremely clear calls, which is particularly beneficial for call centers.



Grammarly, an AI-powered text tool, provides real-time feedback on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, checks for plagiarism, and suggests ways to improve text structure.



Chatfuel can automate Facebook messages with a smart bot. It is a popular platform for driving sales and addressing consumer concerns.

Zoho Zia


Zoho Zia, developed by Zoho Corporation, is a digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence that understands natural language and provides relevant answers to user queries. It assists with tasks such as scheduling meetings, sending emails, and managing files.

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