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Artificial Intelligence Talking Virtual Assistant for Cars is Coming

As part of their collaboration, Microsoft and TomTom have revealed plans to create a fully integrated virtual assistant with generative AI for cars, designed to be conversational.

TomTom announced the development of this AI-powered automotive assistant, which will soon be featured on dashboard infotainment platforms.

The partnership with Microsoft aims to bring a virtual assistant that communicates with drivers in a natural manner.

The era of artificial intelligence virtual assistants for cars

Artificial Intelligence Talking Virtual Assistant for Cars is Coming

The newly announced assistant is expected to provide advanced voice interaction, enabling users to perform tasks such as navigation, controlling in-car systems, opening windows, and engaging in natural conversations while driving.

TomTom’s partnership with Microsoft will leverage Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cognitive Services, as well as OpenAI’s large language models, enhancing the capabilities of the virtual assistant.

TomTom emphasizes that the voice assistant will be integrated into various interfaces offered by major automakers while retaining the branding of the respective car companies.

Although specific partnerships with automakers have not been disclosed, the technology will be integrated into TomTom’s Digital Cockpit, an open and modular in-car infotainment platform.

This move aligns with the trend of incorporating artificial intelligence into vehicles, and TomTom’s collaboration with Microsoft aims to deliver a sophisticated assistant that benefits from the latest advancements in technology.

The showcase of this AI assistant is scheduled for CES 2024 in January, providing more insights into its functionalities.

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