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Artificial intelligence-supported virtual friends are coming to Instagram

Instagram is currently developing a feature that leans into the realm of artificial intelligence, allowing users to craft a virtual companion tailored to their personal preferences.

With this innovative addition, individuals will have the opportunity to engage in conversations with their AI-enabled friend, reminiscent of the dynamics portrayed in the film “Her,” where Joaquin Phoenix’s character forms a deep relationship with an artificial intelligence entity.

This upcoming feature is set to open new avenues for interaction within the digital landscape of social media.


Specifically, users will be able to chat with AI to answer questions, discuss challenges they are facing, brainstorm ideas, and much more.


Additionally, it has been reported that users will have the option to select the gender and age of their chatbot companion, as well as further customize attributes like ethnicity and various personality traits.

For instance, users can design their AI-assisted virtual friends with a range of personas, whether it be “shy”, “enthusiastic”, “humorous”, or beyond, allowing for a highly personalized and potentially more engaging interaction experience. This level of customization provides a unique opportunity for users to connect with a digital being that resonates with their individual preferences or conversational needs.



Subsequently, users will have the ability to select an avatar and assign a name to their AI virtual friend, initiating conversation upon completion of the setup.

Although this feature is currently in the development phase, details regarding its release date for widespread use have not yet been disclosed.



This upcoming feature on Instagram draws parallels with the movie “Her,” where Joaquin Phoenix portrays Theodore Twombly, a character who forms a deep connection with Samantha, an AI entity within a newly launched operating system designed to be the perfect artificial intelligence program.

In the film, Samantha, who exists solely as a voice without a physical form, draws Theodore into a new dimension of reality with her probing questions about life and the world, highlighting the intricate relationship between a human and an artificial intelligence.

With Instagram’s new feature, users will have the chance to forge their own friendships with AI-powered virtual companions.


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