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Artificial intelligence support is coming to Windows’ Paint app: it will turn everything you type into a picture!

Tech behemoth Microsoft is diligently working on incorporating AI-based tools into the Windows ecosystem. During their Build 2023 event held a few months back, they revealed the imminent arrival of Copilot, an AI-powered tool, to Windows and first-party software like Microsoft 365. Now, Microsoft’s latest plans have surfaced.

Windows Central, a trusted source for leaking operating system features, has disclosed that Microsoft is gearing up for significant enhancements to Windows 11. According to the claims, Microsoft is poised to integrate AI-based features into Paint, Photos, and Snipping Tool in Windows 11. While some of these are said to be simple tools, others will boast advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.

This integration of AI is expected to revolutionize the user experience for these applications. For instance, Paint, the long-standing image editing tool, is set to receive layer support and transparency options, akin to those found in professional-grade software like Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, a new AI image generator is reportedly in the works, further empowering users to create captivating artwork.

The Photos app, too, is slated for an AI-powered makeover. Users can anticipate enhanced background blur options, enabling them to seamlessly shift the focus of their images. Additionally, AI-driven object selection tools are expected to provide users with greater precision when editing and manipulating photos.

Finally, the Snipping Tool, a staple for capturing screenshots, is set to gain AI-powered features as well. Text recognition capabilities will allow users to extract text directly from screenshots, eliminating the need for manual transcription. Moreover, an AI-based redaction tool will enable users to conveniently blur or remove sensitive information from screenshots, enhancing privacy and security.

Microsoft’s commitment to integrating AI into its software suite underscores the company’s dedication to providing users with enhanced productivity, creativity, and security. These AI-powered features are poised to transform Windows 11 into a more versatile and user-friendly operating system, catering to the diverse needs of its users.

Paint will draw pictures based on the text you type!


“One of the most striking artificial intelligence features of Windows 11 will undoubtedly be related to the iconic drawing program Paint. Users will be able to draw pictures in Paint, just like with AI-powered tools such as DALL-E, Midjourney, or Bing Image Creator. The system will work quite simply. The text that the user enters will be rendered as a canvas, which can be modified by the user as they wish.”

From the Photos app, you’ll be able to copy text or objects from photos!


Based on the information gathered, the Photos application is set to offer a novel experience to its users with the aid of artificial intelligence. This will enable users to copy text from an image they open through the Photos application and paste it into any text writing application. Furthermore, artificial intelligence support will allow users to crop any object in a photo and transfer it to another photo editing application

The Snipping Tool will also be able to detect texts

The Snipping Tool will soon be equipped with artificial intelligence to analyze text, similar to the Photos app. This new feature will allow users to instantly copy all the text on a page that they have taken a screenshot of.

Windows Central has not yet announced when Windows 11’s AI-powered features will be released. However, it is rumored that a new event will be held on September 21, where more information about artificial intelligence will be shared. Once the event takes place, we will be able to learn more about the features we’re discussing today.


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