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Artificial intelligence regulation agreement in Europe

Germany, France, and Italy, the three largest economies in Europe, have reportedly reached a consensus on artificial intelligence (AI) regulation, marking a significant development in the evolving landscape of AI governance.

As AI technology increasingly permeates various sectors, the urgency for regulatory frameworks has intensified. A joint document, which Reuters had access to, indicates that these three nations have agreed on a future regulatory approach for AI, potentially expediting discussions at the European level.

Artificial intelligence regulation agreement in Europe

The consensus among these governments leans towards endorsing binding voluntary commitments for AI providers, regardless of their size, within the European Union.

This approach is a departure from the European Parliament’s initial proposal, which suggested that the code of conduct should primarily apply to major AI providers, particularly those based in the United States.

In June, the European Parliament introduced the “Artificial Intelligence Act,” aimed at mitigating security risks associated with AI applications and preventing discriminatory practices, while still fostering the innovative potential of AI in Europe.

However, the stance taken by the three EU countries challenges the notion of limiting the scope of regulations to major AI providers. They argue that such a discriminatory approach could undermine confidence in smaller European AI providers, potentially resulting in reduced customer trust.


As a result, these nations advocate for a more inclusive regulatory framework, emphasizing that the code of conduct and transparency obligations should be universally applicable.

This position underscores a broader commitment to ensuring a level playing field in the AI industry across the European Union and reflects the ongoing negotiations among the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Council of the EU on how to navigate this new and rapidly evolving domain.


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