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Artificial intelligence feature to Airbnb: It will plan vacations

Airbnb, a platform for daily house or room rentals, has acquired the artificial intelligence system known as Gameplanner.AI for $200 million.

This move is aimed at integrating an AI-powered “vacation planner” into the app, enabling the system to place users in the most suitable rooms or homes.

Artificial intelligence feature to Airbnb: It will plan vacations

According to a report by The Guardian, Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky announced plans for a radical transformation of the platform through the integration of generative AI.

This innovative feature is envisioned as a “travel planner,” designed to enhance user experiences by adapting and learning from their preferences and needs.

Furthermore, as of the end of September, Airbnb’s valuation stood at an impressive 11 billion dollars.


Recently, an Italian judge issued an order for the confiscation of 779.5 million euros from Airbnb, the popular daily home rental app, on charges of alleged tax evasion.

Prosecutors have accused the company of failing to collect taxes on approximately 3.7 billion euros worth of rental income received from landlords. This action represents a significant legal challenge for Airbnb in Italy.

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