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Artificial intelligence company OpenAI announced “GPT-4 Turbo”

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has unveiled its latest and more potent AI model, dubbed “GPT-4 Turbo,” at its inaugural developer conference in San Francisco.

The newly introduced GPT-4 Turbo, representing the cutting edge of the company’s AI offerings, is capable of processing context-rich responses up to the date of April 2023. While previous iterations accepted inputs of up to 3,000 words, GPT-4 Turbo can handle inputs as extensive as 300 pages.


Currently in preview for developers, GPT-4 Turbo is slated for a broader release in the subsequent weeks.

Additionally, a novel feature now allows users who build tools with ChatGPT’s API to personalize the chatbot according to their needs.

Furthermore, OpenAI has announced a reduction in the fees for companies and developers using its software.

ChatGPT, having reached a milestone of around 100 million weekly active users, was utilized by 80% of Fortune 500 companies as of August, with reports indicating that this figure has now climbed beyond 92%.


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