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Artificial Intelligence Applications Where You Can Get SEO Support

Numerous artificial intelligence tools have emerged that are tailored to produce SEO-friendly content, helping to elevate your position in search engine rankings. Let’s delve into the best among them!

For those aspiring to boost their website’s position in Google search results, incorporating certain AI tools into their SEO strategies has proven beneficial.

Leveraging artificial intelligence for tasks like content optimization, assessing the current site’s SEO performance, and analyzing backlink data can offer significant advantages to businesses.

Moreover, these tools aren’t limited to just corporate usage; they’re equally effective for individual projects. In this article, we’ve compiled the top AI tools that both content creators and brands utilize for their SEO endeavors. Here’s a glimpse at six distinct AI-powered tools designed to enhance your SEO efforts!

6 Artificial Intelligence Tools You Can Use for SEO Support

  • VidIQ
  • Seona AI
  • BlogSEO
  • serpstat
  • word lift
  • Alli A.I.


Artificial Intelligence Applications Where You Can Get SEO Support

VidIQ is an essential SEO tool tailored for YouTube. Leveraging this tool, content creators can optimize their videos for improved SEO visibility.

Functioning as a browser extension, VidIQ facilitates keyword research and competitive analysis for your content.

It provides SEO-centric recommendations for video titles, descriptions, and hashtags, ensuring your content reaches a wider audience on YouTube when backed by VidIQ.

Beyond content creation, this tool is also invaluable during the evaluation and statistical analysis stages. VidIQ offers both free and premium versions.

By visiting their website, you can register for a complimentary membership to access basic features. For a more in-depth analysis, you might consider their paid packages.

2.Seona AI


Seona AI boasts an interface reminiscent of a chatbot. Upon accessing the site, users are greeted with a prompt bar-like section.

By inputting your website’s URL into this field and hitting enter, an insightful analysis report is generated. This report delves deep, covering everything from code alterations to the nuances of blog content.

Seona also empowers users to implement necessary code adjustments. Not only does it evaluate your blog content’s SEO, but it also proffers weekly content suggestions tailored for optimization.

While you can initially register for Seona AI without any cost, consistent utilization of its advanced features necessitates a shift to a premium subscription.



BlogSEO, powered by artificial intelligence, aids users in crafting SEO-optimized content by identifying the most pivotal keywords for any chosen subject.

Users can conveniently access the platform through their Google or Shopify credentials. Alternatively, direct registration using an email address and password is also available.

To kickstart the content creation process:

  • Launch the application and click on the ‘generate article’ button.
  • In the sidebar, specify your desired content language, topic, and target keywords.
  • Upon hitting ‘Next’, the tool suggests three distinct titles. Users can embed relevant links and opt for their preferred title.
  • Next, determine the content’s style and desired paragraph count.
  • Clicking the ‘AI Generate Outline’ button reveals a suggested content outline, which is open for further refinements.
  • Once satisfied with the outline, select the content’s language and desired word count, then click ‘generate article and schema’. BlogSEO then drafts the content.
  • Below the generated content, additional features like meta description, FAQ, and CTA buttons are available for further enriching the content.

With BlogSEO, generating comprehensive, SEO-enhanced content is streamlined and efficient.



Serpstat is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance your website’s content quality and optimize it for SEO.

The application allows for an intricate keyword analysis and lets you identify backlinks and keywords utilized by competing websites. This comprehensive insight ensures you remain ahead in the SEO game.

By employing Serpstat, you can assess the SEO efficacy of your current site, dive deep into backlink analytics, and formulate novel strategies tailored for your website’s growth.

By aligning your content with trending keywords unearthed via Serpstat, you can significantly uplift your site’s performance. While the tool provides a basic free version, delving into its more robust capabilities necessitates a premium subscription.



Wordlift is a valuable tool designed to boost your website’s search engine rankings.

This plugin, tailored for WordPress sites, aids in enhancing your content with relevant keywords and semantic phrases that resonate with your target audience’s search queries.

Furthermore, Wordlift enhances user engagement by facilitating the creation of diverse surveys, leading to an improved user experience.

6.Alli AI


Upon visiting the Alli AI website, you’re greeted with a ‘start free trial’ option. Clicking this initiates a 10-day trial period. Subsequently, there are various premium plans tailored for businesses of different scales.

Alli AI provides assistance in identifying and rectifying code issues on your website, as well as addressing content-related challenges. This tool conducts regular website scans, highlighting areas of concern.

Based on these identified issues, it proposes a range of solutions. By selecting and implementing these recommendations, you can methodically address each error on your site. As a result, you can optimize your site’s SEO performance.


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