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Are the assignments done with ChatGPT understandable?

It looks like you’re asking for a rephrasing of the text while keeping it accurate and without adding any extra information. Here’s a revised version:

OpenAI, the organization behind the AI assistant ChatGPT, clarified that texts generated using artificial intelligence tools are undetectable by current AI detection methods.

With the rise of AI, propelled in part by ChatGPT, these technologies have found applications in numerous sectors, from education to the workplace. The statement answers questions from students who were curious about whether their ChatGPT-assisted assignments would be flagged.


Are the assignments done with ChatGPT understandable?

Recently, along with the increasing number of artificial intelligence tools, detectors that detect whether a text is written by a human or artificial intelligence have also appeared on the market.

In its statement, OpenAI stated that the texts prepared by artificial intelligence are indistinguishable by these detectors.

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