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Apple’s Latest AI Breakthrough: Edit Photos with Just Commands

Apple has unveiled an artificial intelligence model named “MLLM” designed for rapid image editing. Users simply need to describe the desired changes to the image, and the artificial intelligence will handle the rest.

The US-based tech giant, Apple, has been somewhat lagging in the field of artificial intelligence technologies compared to giants like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI, which have already released their AI-supported technologies to the public. Aware of its position, Apple is swiftly advancing its efforts in this area.

Apple introduced its new artificial intelligence model via a GitHub post. Known as MGIE or MLLM, which focuses more on visual aspects, this AI model appears poised to provide users with an impressive experience.

MLLM will allow you to make changes to an image by typing it

MLLM, a technology set to simplify the lives of photo editing users, enables image edits by merely describing the desired changes. Examples above showcase this capability. Through user commands, it’s possible to add elements to an image, increase brightness, or remove background objects.

But MLLM’s functionality doesn’t stop there. This AI model also facilitates resizing images, cropping sections, rotating, or applying filters. Throughout this process, users will communicate their desired edits as text instructions to the AI, leaving the execution to the artificial intelligence.

Apple’s artificial intelligence model, which is still in development and created in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, has been made available on GitHub. Therefore, interested parties can access the AI model via the provided link. The method by which this Python-based model will be delivered to the end user remains uncertain.

However, a significant development related to this matter emerged shortly before. Apple CEO Tim Cook made noteworthy comments regarding iOS 18. In his statement, it was mentioned that AI-oriented features are expected to be introduced to users by the end of the year. This artificial intelligence could potentially be integrated into the forthcoming iOS 18 update. Time will ultimately reveal whether this integration will occur.

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