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Apple Vision Pro: Unveiling the Box and Apple Store Offerings

Apple Vision Pro, one of the most remarkable technological products of 2023, is now on display in Apple’s stores across the United States. Apple enthusiasts can now visit these stores to get a hands-on review of the device.

This groundbreaking product, hailed as one of the most innovative launches in recent years by the global community, had previously been available for pre-order a few weeks ago on Apple’s official website in the United States.

The latest update is that the Apple Vision Pro is now officially available for purchase at Apple’s physical stores in the US, where customers can explore and acquire the device in person.

This is how the Vision Pro began to be displayed in Apple Stores:

Apple Vision Pro: Unveiling the Box and Apple Store Offerings

A follower who recently purchased an Apple Vision Pro from the Apple Store shared photos that reveal the device’s battery package displayed alongside it. This arrangement is likely intended to allow customers to try out the product, as it provides convenient access to the battery package for testing and demonstration purposes.

The arrival of the Apple Vision Pro in stores marks the beginning of a new era for the company. With a starting price of $3,499 and over 200,000 units already sold during the pre-order stage, it’s clear that Apple’s new product has generated significant consumer interest. However, for individuals in the United States, accessing this device may not be an easy task due to its high demand and limited availability.

According to Apple’s statement, those who want to buy the Vision Pro online should pay attention to the following:

  • Face ID Verification: To place an order for a Vision Pro, individuals will have the option to verify their identity using Face ID and undergo a face scan. Alternatively, they may use their iPhone or iPad for this purpose. Apple has explained that this step is necessary to ensure the correct sizing of the headbands.
  • Prescription Lenses: Users of the Vision Pro who also require prescription lenses will have the opportunity to request custom-made lenses. To do so, individuals will be required to upload their prescription information to the system after answering a few questions. It is essential to note that the prescription should be current for this service to be provided.

The box contents of Apple Vision Pro are as follows:

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