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Apple Vision Pro 2 Release Report: 18+ Months Away

Mark Gurman predicts that it will be at least 18 months before the next generation of Apple’s Vision Pro, which has recently been a hot topic, is released.

Apple’s mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, has recently been launched to consumers and quickly emerged as a standout product. Despite its steep price tag of $3,500, demand for the device was remarkably high.

However, a number of users have reported issues such as dizziness and bloodshot eyes, leading to requests for returns to Apple. There’s a notion that “It hasn’t quite hit the mark yet.

When a new model is released, the previous version becomes less favored, and it seems a new one will be arriving soon.” This suggests that those expecting an immediate new release should be prepared to wait a bit longer.

The next-generation Vision Pro won’t be out for at least another 18 months

Apple Vision Pro 2 Release Report: 18+ Months Away

Journalist Mark Gurman, known for his accurate predictions and insights, has stated that the tech world may have to wait a while to see the successor of the Vision Pro.

Gurman mentioned that there are at least 18 months until the release of the second-generation Vision Pro, highlighting that the update cycle for the second generation won’t follow the traditional 4-5 year wait often seen with such products.

Gurman also commented on the first generation’s issues, such as its weight causing eye strain and dizziness, noting that returns are to be expected.

However, he mentioned that the purchasers of the device are primarily those eager to try new technology early or devoted Apple enthusiasts, suggesting that the rate of returns might not be very high. It remains to be seen whether the rapid expansion of this market will prompt Apple to adjust its timeline.

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