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Apple Invests in News Giants for AI Training

California-based technology company Apple is gearing up for a foray into artificial intelligence, signaling its intention to collaborate with major news publishing companies.

While Apple has previously showcased a concrete initiative in artificial intelligence, recently unveiling its machine learning framework, which enables the creation of efficient models and deep learning model libraries for Apple Silicon, this move represents a more significant step forward.

The company is now actively seeking partnerships with prominent news publishers to advance its artificial intelligence endeavors.

The objective of these collaborations is to gain access to extensive news archives and utilize them to enhance machine learning capabilities. Apple is reportedly prepared to allocate millions of dollars to fund these initiatives, underlining its commitment to leveraging the power of artificial intelligence for future advancements.

Apple is rumored to be working with news publishing companies such as Condé Nast, NBC News and IAC.

Apple Invests in News Giants for AI Training

Apple is reportedly in discussions to secure a $50 million deal for access to news archives from major news publishing companies, with plans for a multi-year agreement.

However, The New York Times (NYT) has expressed reservations about Apple’s proposal, citing concerns about legal responsibilities for publishers and potential difficulties arising from the use of their news content.

While the NYT has displayed a less-than-enthusiastic response, other large companies are reportedly more receptive to Apple’s offer.

With substantial daily investments in artificial intelligence, Apple aims to compete with industry giants like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google.

Previous reports have indicated that Apple is actively working on enhancing Siri’s intelligence and developing a more sophisticated version for the upcoming iOS release.

The extent of Apple’s broader initiatives in artificial intelligence remains a subject of curiosity within the tech community.

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