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Apple creates its own metaverse universe for mixed reality glasses

It has been known that Apple has been working on mixed reality headsets and VR/AR systems for a while. The latest information shows that the technology giant is building its own metaverse virtual world.

It looks like the end is near for Apple’s mixed reality headset. The tech giant wants to create not just a title, but also an ecosystem. New information in this context also sheds light on Apple’s efforts. According to the reports, Apple is developing its own metaverse universe.

Here’s what we know about Apple’s mixed reality headset so far: The headset itself will likely cost between $2,000 and $3,000 . We expect it to have the M2 chip used in Macs and more than 10 cameras and sensors placed inside and outside the device . It is also reported that the device will run a new operating system called realityOS , which will include mixed reality versions of core Apple applications such as FaceTime and Maps . This new operating system from Apple is codenamed Oak and it looks like it will be ready for use next year.

Another important detail is the naming of the title. Those who follow us will remember, it was revealed that Apple filed a trademark application for ” Reality Pro ” and ” Reality One ” last August . It’s quite possible that Apple, which already has brands like RealityKit, will use one or both of these names for its mixed reality headset.

Apple is building its own metaverse universe

Apple creates its own metaverse universe for mixed reality glasses
Apple creates its own metaverse universe for mixed reality glasses

Apple’s hiring over the past few months suggests that the mixed reality headset will be powered by content. Hiring and postings to Apple’s Technology Development Group (TDG) division are targeting people who can create content in the company’s AR/VR space. The postings also hint that a dedicated video streaming service will be created for the title . As you may recall, Apple bought NextVR, which partners with artists and professional sports leagues. Activities in this area are therefore not new.

On the other hand, Apple is also working on its own metaverse-like virtual world. It’s unclear what Apple has to offer for the world of 3D mixed reality, but don’t expect the word “metaverse” to be used. On the other hand, Apple has shifted experienced names to this work for both its virtual world and mixed reality headset. Among these are important names such as engineering director Yaniv Gür, product hardware chief Dan Riccio and Dave Scott. All these senior names will work on Apple’s new “next big thing” product. Mixed reality titles, which Apple may call “Reality Pro” or “Reality One”, are expected to go into mass production in March 2023 .

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