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Anti-Metaverse NFT Selling Platform Outerverse Will Encourage Users to Take to the Streets

While the metaverse craze continues, an organization called Outside Interactive announced its project called Outerverse, which was established against Metaverse. The Outerverse will be a project that encourages people to go outside rather than engage with VR devices, and it will also include NFT sales. Let’s take a look at the details together.

The Boulder-based parent company of outdoor and wellness media brands, Outside Interactive, announced on Monday that it has launched an NFT sales site , a publishing platform for outdoor-focused content, and a loyalty program that encourages people to spend time outside . The company called them all ‘Outerverse’ , got the word joke?

Of course, you can deduce from here that there is something against the Metaverse . Robin Thurston, CEO of Outside Interactive, said in a statement, “The concept of the Outerverse was created to oppose the metaverse. “We’re against people spending that much time with VR sets or screens,” he says.

Anti-Metaverse NFT Selling Platform Outerverse
Anti-Metaverse NFT Selling Platform Outerverse

Proceeds from the project will be used to erase the carbon footprint.

The first service offered on the Outerverse platform will be a limited-time NFT, which will be referred to as the Outerverse Passport . With the Outerverse Passport, you can become a member of the company’s subscription service, Outside+.

New NFTs created by artists, influencers, outdoor-based brands and nonprofits will also be available later on the NFT sales site . Proceeds from NFTs will be used for the continuation of the project and the removal of its carbon footprint .

Outside also plans to offer rewards to its members who spend a certain amount of time on outdoor activities like skiing or backpacking, leveraging data from its own Gaia GPS product and third-party fitness trackers .

The CEO of the company, Thurston, announced that although blockchain technology is harmful due to its direct environmental impact, the transactions of NFTs to be sold in the Outerverse will use the Solana blockchain, which is stated to consume less energy than two Google searches . What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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